Singing In the Rain

My friends and I were having a picnic at John Bryant State Park in Yellow Springs Ohio one sunny afternoon in the spring.  We played frisbee, volleyball and listened to music as we ejoyed our day. As the day went on, rain clouds began to gather and soon we were feeling mist on our skin.  The decision was we would stay and play in the rain.  As the rain began to fall, we got sillier.  Soon we were playing frisbee football, guys against the girsl (we tried to get them to play shirts vs skins, but they wouldn't remove their tops).  Soon we were covered in a layer of mud from head to toe.  Then we had a stroke of genius.  We could go down to the stream and wash off.  So off we went, running like fools through the rain and headed for the stream.  Water was cold, but we would not be held back.  The guys began running back and forth across the stream.  When the girls wouldn't go in, we each picked one up and carried them across the stream on our backs.  By now the rain heavy, we were soaked and muddy and having way to much fun.  A crowd began to gather to watch the idiots in the stream.  That got us going even more (did I mention we had been drinking a little?)  We just played to the crowd doing silly things to amuse them and ourselves.  Finally, as we were all getting really cold, the girls mounted their "horses" and off we went, walking in the stream and singing that fun song "Singing in the Rain".  It was a great day with some very special friends.  We still talk about that day and laugh about our rainey picnic.      

rhettbuttler69 rhettbuttler69
61-65, M
Mar 10, 2009