So Calming...puts Me Right to Sleep...

I love the sound and smell of the rain at night.  I love falling asleep to the rain and there is some subconscious calming in it that makes me sleep much better (this is also true of snow).  When I wake in the mornings, I always know before looking outside whether it has rained/snowed just from how soundly I slept.  It's a good feeling...I wish it rained more often at night here, but we are in the midst of a drought that has lasted several years....

shygirl14 shygirl14
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2 Responses Apr 12, 2009

I should really buy one of those nature sound machines...I bet they would work really well for me...especially w/ all the trouble I have getting to sleep.

I agree so much with that. Buffalo has seen it's share of snow too lol. I love the rain at night, the light noise it makes on the gutters and ground. it is such a soothing sound- i even have nature sounds on my laptop to listen to when I cannot fall asleep.