New Video For Mein Herz Brennt!

So Rammstien just released a new version of Mein Herz Brennt, released a video for it that it a piano version. Beautiful song and video. And they're going to release a Complete Video Collection on DVD in a few days, complete with the makings of, and it's supposed to have an additional video for Mein Herz Brennt! So we get 2 videos of the song! I've noticed that Rammstein has released singles from albums they did years ago. For example, in 1998, they made a new video for Du Riechst So Gut, which was on their 1995 album Herzeleid. They did a video for this song in 1995 when they were first starting out. The original video was horrible and so cheesy. I understand at that time they were not as famous, so they didn't have a good budget to make a decent video for it in 95.But the video looks like it costs like $5 to make. I'm so glad they decided to make a better video for it in 1998, because it's one of my top favorite Rammstein songs. I don't notice any other bands releasing singles from albums they did years ago or remaking videos, so I love how Rammstein gives us such pleasant unexpected surprises by doing this.
MalCasteel MalCasteel
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

Hi, have you seen the Mein Herz Brennt Official (explicit version) vid ? I love it.

Yes I did, love how they released a new version along with the original! The original version of the video is awesome, I just hate how the guitar solo was left out.