Did you know that several fruit seeds contain cyanide in it and can be lethal if ingested enough? Among these seeds are Peaches, Apples, and apricots.

When I say this, I'm not talking about the pit of the fruit. If you break open a pit of one of these fruits (excluding the apple of course because the seeds are easy to get to) there is a seed that looks like an almond in the middle.

They call it the bitter almond and it contains very high amounts of B17 which contains cyanide. This was often how people would poison others in the medieval times.

How do I know this? The other day I found the seed in a peach and decided to eat it (because it looked exactly like an almond) and THEN decided to look on the internet to see if it was edible only to find out that it is on the list of "Seed's that you should never eat raw, or at all". Not one of my brightest moments. lol

But hey! I'm still alive!
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I eat the seeds all the time, I did not know this.. Cyanide.