Short, Or What?

I dont, write long things, you see if your read, and read if you see, I write short, not tall, never long but briefly as possible to just barely get the point and leave so much to the imagination.

So, Peaches are pears and apples and lemons and never step on a toad if it has the same haircut as your cat because you never know, it could be a raisin.

Or are you concrete, iron solid like a snowflake, so complex and perfect up till you fall, land, die, is it or was it ever a thing, or did you just dream it all, and pulling the wings off your inner child, the random and loving and joyous, giving in to banality , what a beast, thrumming and drumming cracking the whip as you row into adulthood.

The song goes, happiness is a warm gun" but if I take you down, cause Im going to strawberry fields, I wanna hold your hand, unless youve got a ticket to ride, but nothings going to change my world.

Enjoy your day, and make it effing random, life is way too short
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*CLAPS~!!! ...and waits for an Encore o.o*<br />
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I like being random and tend to have random dreams too! Once, i dreamed that I was helping my friend with a bubble bath, but before she could get into the tub, i had to open her up like a car's-hood and rearrange her insides so they wouldn't get ruined and wet and also so she wouldn't die. Which consisted of a plastic Heart, Clock and something that had a chain attached to it~ ...woke up as helped her close up and ease into the water before got to see anything under her shirt GRR >< o well xD

Like how your write. Seems sincere, world could use less bullshit

Purple monkey dishwasher.

I love small super stuff.. You write beautifully.