I Like Him

I had just brought Homer my parrot home , i was listening to Rascal Flatts . The bird just started dancing , we still love Rascal Flatts and it keeps Homer happy! He is one of the awesome bands at Wefest this year , i have decided to go with my niece this year . Someone bail me out of jail please this girl is trouble(not me) Lol.

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8 Responses Jan 20, 2008

He is sitting on my shoulder and dancing to the Indigo Girls ...Pic , it's so cute he is just jamming.


It keeps him quiet. lol

Thats so cute!

Honestly he has two favorite songs butterfly he will listen and dance for hours , the kids just think it's great and i have to listen to the song ..over and over and over!

Id love to see that!!!

Moving on ..he jams like stevie wonder , funny bird.

What song does the bird like to dace to???<br />
ahhaaaaa....a dancing bird!<br />
Video it and post it!