No Reigns

This post is not about how much I LOVE the band, it is about how their music inspires me. Country is a genre of music that is very fun and can be relaxing. About, six years ago they had made an impact on me and my life. Not to extent where I couldn't control myself, but they calmed me down and till this day their music is about young love and the romance of growing old with that sweetheart.

No, lol. I did not marry my child hood sweetheart, because I never really had one. My sweet heart is the man I married in May of 08 :-). He made sure I had all their albums, because I enjoyed their music so much. A year or two go by, and we meet this young women when her father was kicking her out of his house, and she had no place to go. We encouraged her to stay with us in my apartment. She helped me through a lot! She, was there for me when my husband couldn't be, because of circumstances. She was going through a lot as well, but, we always found that we always had a great time listening to this band! One song stands out to the both of us "My Wish," .... unfortunetly she had to move down to Texas with her family. All three of us were bummed out, my husband felt hurt, and I did too, to a point. But, Life happens.. it was something she had to do. I got over it, we talked once in a while through instant messengers, but my husband....felt hurt still. Between then and now, she got married, got divorced and moved back to New England where she belongs.

We have hung out a lot since I moved back, and it feels amazing to feel that nothing has changed! Till this day...the three of us can hang out and have a good time. Her and I go to the gym and chit chat about guys and wrestling and life. She is on this website, and when she reads this I hope she knows that I love her, and would do anything for her!
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Thanks :-)

who ever she is she is lucky to have you in her life.... and im sure she feels the same way