I Won't Let Go

My fiance passed 7 months ago of colon cancer. He was told July 1st,2010 and passed Sept.30,2010. I took care of him at home with Hospice's help. I never done this before or seen a human being take their last breath. After it was over I fell apart.I didn't care if I lived anymore.Sleep was the best because I was in no pain. I wanted to die. When I heard the song " I WON'T LET GO". It was so amazing. That song was, in my book , written for me. It helped me get through the tough times. And now I know," I can make it ". Thank You for singing this song at just the right time in my life.
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4 Responses May 8, 2011

thats one of the hardest<br /><br />
things to watch, hugs for you,<br /><br />
I take care of people sometimes like that, hospice came in to my person I cared for, I watched him suffer, <br /><br />
you were extremely strong to be by his side, <br /><br />
it will make you a stronger person ,<br /><br />
and you will always have your mate in your heart,

I am sorry to hear this. Really, i dont know what to say. God saves you. And i don't know about that song, anyway im happy for you that you feel better when you hear that song. God bless you dear.

I am so sorry for your loss. I love RF and they have time and time again come out with very poignant and meaningful songs. Am glad to hear this one was a great comfort for you. Hope you get a chance some day to see them in concert. They really ROCK! May god bless you each day!

I don't know the song but I'm extremely happy for you that you feel better. Well done. *virtual hug*