I Love Rasta Men!!!

I study abroad on an island in the West Indies. As the time approaches for me to leave, I am filled with  joy. I miss America, the skyscrapers, the snow, the autumn days where the leaves change to brilliant magnificent colors, the diversity! Oh there is no place like home! (sigh) But its beautiful here and I know I will miss the memories I created here. The beaches with white sand, the palm trees, and Especially  the men. Im with a wonderful guy from the states so I never had the privilege of enjoying the company of a rasta boy. But oh do I admire them! Their waste length dreads, there easy going mentality. I could lay on the beach and smoke trees with them for an eternity! and they are ever so sweet and polite. But they are not old fashioned, they cross the lines but in such a smooth way you would never feel the line were crossed. they know how how to have fun and still treat you like a lady. They seem to have so much insight into life. Like I could talk 2 them about anything and they always know what you mean or have been there. Portions of the West Indies were colonized by the British, so they use British terms. Its like they sing when they speak its so rthymic but combined with a slight British accent. IDK one would just have to see 4 urself its so hard to explain. I was going into a coffee shop, and as I turned to enter, a passer by stuck his body out the window and yelled "You have a niiiiiicccce ***, my girl, I want to hit it so hard!" I would have been a little annoyed but there was something about the way he said it, that made me feel more like a woman and less like a piece of meat. the way he said it made me want him ! Like If I were to decide to let him "hit it so hard" he would appreciate it and not just look at it as a ****. I guess it was the way he said "my girl" they have a way of personalizing people. So I feel more acknowleged as a human being here than I would by guys at home. I get soo tired of the 'ah girl come here" "ah girl can I have your number," "ah girl wats yo name! touching me without my permission, pulling me- stop it!!! lol  I think alot of men, african american especially, can learn from the beauty and charisma of a rasta man!!!!! 
HarryO25 HarryO25
26-30, F
Jul 16, 2011