Moving Raw Energies For Health

 How To Extract Raw Energy;

In her award winning book; “Psychic Energy Codex:. Author, Michelle Belanger goes into full detail from page no# (76) on how to “consciously extract energy” from tree’s The wind, rain, sunlight & even (other people). I don’t recall her mentioning a warning Regarding “feeding” from energies of sick folks- so, I’m adding it here; If you feed off Of a (sick person)…guess what often happens?

The subject sometimes dies prematurely and (you)…the feeder often become infected from the sick energies you ciphered from the target. Everything animated & inanimate are comprised of (energy cells) often Called; “atoms”.  There are 3 basic parts to an (atom) yet the smallest component of any Atom is called (quarks) which are even smaller than the “atom” it-self. There are tons of ways to extract “energy, most involve inhaling the subtle energies thru ritual or even under emergency events which are rare. If you feel like you may have extracted sick energies from any target- the cure is very simple; you “consciously” ex-hale the sick Energies by 1st becoming very still with eyes closed for 30-60 seconds in a standing Position; take a slow deep breath with your hand in a fist position on your chest. As you ex-hale, slowly out-stretch that fist into an open palm toward the heavens & pose your Entire body in a tense position- with all your might; expel the wind in your lungs & “picture” the sick energies exiting your body & say (I put you to flight) to the clouds of the air.

You must say it in an air of absolute authority. Do this 2-3 times & then relax your body with eyes closed. Slowly Rest both hands @ your side and then slowly open your eyes. Much of this can be “ad-libed”. You can even send the sick-energies to any given target of your choice. When my kids ever took ill I would command the illness to enter my body & later I would expel the sickness to the clouds of the air. Soon there after, a heavy rain or heavy windstorm would take place within 2-3 days. After the storm, my kids were back to normal. The Orientals often call this; (Ti-Chi Quan). There is nothing wrong with medicating your kid in emergencies. The holistic & scientific approach do often work very well together, hand in hand….

luxor luxor
51-55, M
Feb 9, 2010