Forbidden Fruits

A few years ago, when I was prone to cheating, I had an affair with my brother in law. Yes it was wrong, and I actually did not give in to his advances for quite some time. But when I did damn!

One time in early autumn, I came home from work. At this time I lived with hubby at his moms house, along with his brother, sister, sisters husband and their two daughters. The sisters husband is the one I had the affair with. Anywho, I came home, n the only ones home were hubby's brother G and sisters hubby A. I had gotten a good amount of smoke for the weekend, and needed something to roll up. I told G if he ran to the store for me, I'd spark him up. When G left, I went upstairs. I heard A calling me from his room. Upon entering, I saw him laying on the bed, stroking his already hard ****. Turned me on right away. "Wassup papi" I said smiling seductively at him. "Wassup mami" he gave me the same smile. I suggested we **** before G came back. "Ven a aca y dame tu chocha mami" (get over here and give me your *****) I lost my pants, and walked over to him. He sat on the edge of the bed, and I straddled him, sliding his **** inside me. A didn't have as big a **** as hubby, but damn he made my body sing. As I rode him, undulating my hips, he met my movements from beneath me. He lifted my shirt, popped one of my **** out and began sucking my nipple. I grabbed his hair and arched my back, the sensations driving me wild. Both of us were moaning with pleasure, his muffled by my nipple. Suddenly, the door opened downstairs. G was back. Quickly, we ran to the bathroom and I locked the door. G came up calling for me. I opened the door a crack. "Here G roll this up. I'll be out in a minute" I handed him a bag of smoke, and G left downstairs.

After I locked the door again, A picked me up and put me on the sink. "Open your legs" he growled, and I spread my thighs for my lover. He rubbed my **** with two fingers in small tight circles, dipped them inside my wet swollen *****, making me ***. I shuddered as my ****** rocked me, my ***** clenching around his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his ****. I wrapped my legs around his waist and placed my hands on his shoulders as he thrust into me. Our breath came in short pants as we worked ourselves into a frenzy. A yanked my head back by my hair, ran his tongue up my neck and said, "im gonna *** mami " he backed up so I could get off the sink to catch his load in my mouth. It was a quickie but it was a damn good one ;)
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Very hot. Proof that it isnt always size but how you use it that counts!

That's hot!

And you got me aroused thinking how hot it would be if my wife had spontaneous sex with her sisters husband. to arrange...?

you are one hot mama

damn--I got a hard **** reading this

Great story!

mmm, i see you can keep that becho hard mami..;)

Ya tu sabes papi ;)

mmmmm, chula..;)


That's super-hot.

thank you!

Love that real hott

Yes it was...thank you