A Legend

Ray Charles was amazing. He knew how to treat a song with respect and make it sound great without singing a lot of fast paced notes. "Georgia on my mind" is a masterpiece but im not sure he was the one who wrote it though. "Hit the road Jack" is just a classic. Other great songs are "I cant stop loving you", "I Got a Woman" and "What did i say".
He was extremely popular among the ladies. It was amazing that he could play piano so well and sing great at the same time even though he was blind, but that just proves that people who go blind strenghten their other senses. I think music would be pretty much my entire life too if i turned blind.

R.I.P. Ray
Wraither Wraither
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 13, 2007

Whenever I think of blues I think of Ray Charles and sad, sunny, rain-filled Sunday’s where no less than two of his album on the record pla<x>yer was an absolute must! My favorite was "Let's Go Get Stoned". When my mother died, my sister's and I insisted on playing "The Very Best of Ray Charles" CD at her funeral as background music before the actual funeral began. It had this song on it and my sisters and I started singing it quietly. We couldn’t help giggling because it was completely irreverent and my mother would have loved it—it was so counter to the solemnity of the occasion. She hated funerals but she LOVED Ray Charles. My, oh so terribly conservative brothers had a cow. I still have her vinyls, though these days its nearly impossible to find something to play them on.