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Agatha Christie :
- Worked during the WWI as part of The Voluntary Aid Detachment(VAD) in a hospital pharmacy when she decided to start her 1st detective story and learned about medicines and poisons. Later during WWII she also work at a pharmacy.

-In late 1926 it was revealed to her by her husband that he wanted a divorce after letting her know about his love affair . Guess what happened?
After he leaving their house that evening to meet his lover Christie disappeared for 11 days to be found later at The Swan Hydropathic Hotel after being identified while registered as Mrs. Teresa Neele. Funny thing !! Since her husband's mistress's name was Nancy Neele. ;),
According to Wikipedia still opinions remain divided about her reaction to it , psychogenic fugue?, or nervous breakdown or trying to embarrass her husband as author Jared Code suggests in the biography "Agatha Christie and the missing eleven days".
Perhaps friends, I would like to think that our dear Christie possessed a personality as distinct as the characters of her very popular stories (eg: Poirot, Miss Marple)

-Then.....she married again!! In 1930, to archaeologist Max Mallowan.
Agatha joined him in many archaeological related travels which obviously had a great influence in many of her novels with settings in the middle east.

-At some point of her carreer she confided to her diary that she was finding Poirot "insufferable" . She felt that he was an "egocentric creep" ha, ha! I personally agree with her though I believe he doesn't mean harm , he just cannot help it and very deep inside there is a sweety-grumpy kind of guy, which is cute. Remember what happened in Murder on the Orient Express it let us see how he shows some kind of compassion for those people even after knowing their committed crime though he did express his absolute disagreement with it given to his religious beliefs plus being in his position as an individual representing the law.

Oh, yes!! We all have always been curious about who is behind the book, painting, sculpture, etc... It helps us to comprehend it all better . Also it is very exciting to find interesting things to share with friends in that cocktail party or perhaps in the next story you are going to write once you join the group.
And there is more guys! There'll be more . Just join the group and keep yourself posted. How about that, ah ?? Cheers!
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I would like to call myself " a developing fun of Agatha Christie " if so is the right way to put it
.?????but what I know for sure is that am really enjoying it!!

Thanks! I really do it not only for those who love reading Agatha Christie story and experience but also for the ones that don't . Who knows? It might motivate them to start doing it!! Ha,ha! It definitely is a lot of fun! don't you think?;)

Thank you for adding this additional information.As a HUGE fan of Agatha Christie as I mentioned in my post I was aware of these historical events however it is wonderful to see someone else with such an interest in this quite unique,remarkable woman.Thank you :-)