Mom Sues Police For Wrongful Arrest.

So many things wrong in this scenario. Why didn't the neighbor go next door to see if the kids' mom was home or knew what her kids were doing? Why didn't the cops confer with the mom and all the kids before arresting the mom? Why did they just go by the word of the neighbor? Child endangerment charges are HUGE. Cops should make sure they have the details right before making any type of a wrongful arrest and especially in front of the kids. And the neighbor needs to get busted for falsely accusing the mother. I hope this won't show on the mother's permanent record. And the government wonder why there are people out there who don't like law enforcement and government. Every single parent would be in prison if letting your kids play outside and you weren't at their side every second was a crime.

Go to this site to see the video:

Allowing your kids to play on scooters outside the house on a quiet street seems innocent--and common--enough. But a Texas mom was arrested and spent the night in jail after a neighbor complained that the children were unsupervised.

The parent, Tammy Cooper, disputes the "humiliating" charge, saying she was watching the kids, ages 6 and 9, the whole time from a lawn chair.

But police took the neighbor at her word, and a few hours after the call, arrested Cooper for child endangerment. Cooper told KPRC that the arresting officer told her, "We're here for you."

The accused parent spent the night behind bars. "Orange jump suit, in a cell, slammed the door, for 18 hours," she said.

Cooper is suing the La Porte Police Department, the officer, and the neighbor who made the call. In a statement, the police department said it was "confident of the known actions of the officers on the scene that evening." The neighbor had no comment.
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Sep 19, 2012