Monica Lewinsky Scandalous Book

I am sorry Monica Lewinsky was hurt many years ago when Bill Clinton was President, but she needs to drop it. It has been so long since that happened. There are bigger things happening nowadays. Bigger things that need our attention. She just wants to be a millionaire overnight.

There was a poll on who would buy her book about this when it comes out. I voted no. The majority votes are for no. Yes comes in second. Who is she comes in third. That's how long it has been since she was hurt by this. It is best left to just try to heal. Even the news writer said that in a world where fiction dominates in the book world, it would be interesting to see what she writes about. I agree because she's just rehashing a he said/she said thing. And it is making her look sleazy to some people, the fact that she is trying to make money on it.

I never was into her and as a woman who was sexually abused and physically abused every day for seven months by two men and who never asked to be raped, even though I had no romance in my life before then, not even my first kiss, first date or boyfriend offline, even though I was 32 when it started and am 35 now, you will not see me trying to make millions off of it or any money off of it.

It was awful. I am dealing with it every day I am alive. The battle is ongoing, and some days are better than others; but I would never try to cash in on it. They aren't going to win in any way, shape or form. I have my Jesus - no offense anyone who doesn't believe in Him, my family and my friends to help see me through.

Monica Lewinsky, I am sorry for what happened to you, but don't prostitute yourself by cashing in on it a whole lifetime later especially in a generation where a lot of people have never heard of you and would have no reason to celebrify you. Most people have things like their kids getting massacred here or overseas or surviving nature or other things to think about. Not a woman who looks to commenters like she just wants to be in the news and become an instant millionaire.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 19, 2012