DEAR ABBY: My husband prefers leftovers to sandwiches for his work lunch. He generally takes them in reusable plastic bowls that claim to be dishwasher and microwave safe.
After a short time, these bowls become terribly stained. Not only are they unsightly, but sometimes they harbor odors. Even though they have been thoroughly washed, they seem unclean. We have noticed this happens more often with tomato-based food like spaghetti or barbecue.

I have tried soaking the bowls overnight in dishwashing detergent and even using a small amount of bleach, but the stains remain. Is there a way to remove the stains and odors, or must I continue to buy new bowls and throw the stained ones out? -- BOWLED OVER IN ALABAMA

DEAR BOWLED OVER: According to "Haley's Hints," by Graham and Rosemary Haley (New American Library), if you soak the bowls and lids in cold water for five minutes or more before putting the leftovers into them, you can prevent the staining from happening. And the odors can be removed by placing crumpled newspaper inside them and putting the tops on before storing them. (This is also an effective way to deodorize shoes.)
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Lol just buy new bowls for the love of god. Better yet, use glass bowls, can't stain glass with food.

I did not write that but I am sharing it in case others also use those containers.

Lol I know, just saying, glass works well for me.