Surprise Hand Job

It was 1964, I was dating a classmate we were Juniors. She was very pretty and our Lovelife consisted of me feeling her up and sucking her breasts. We were on a date at a movie and afterward left the to find a few inches of snow on my old volvo and big flakes falling fast. Washington, DC was going to get a big snow that night. We managed to get her home which pleased her parents. They insisted I spend the night since going down the hill would be dangerous. It was a three bedroom house. It was decided She (Cass) would sleep in her 16 year old brothers room and I would sleep in her bedroom. Me and her 16 year old brother( Ben) on her double bed. We turned in with me sleeping in my scivies with her brother that I didn't like.

I had a plan. I would pretend to go to sleep right away and after I knew Ben was asleep I would sneak into see Cass. She was sleeping in Ben's bed between her room and her parents room. Big Ben her father was an ex marine and I hoped a sound sleeper. So I'm laying there pretending to sleep, Ben had an agenda too. He rolled arround a little and kind of nudged me to see if I would awake. I continued to play Possum laying on my back. I felt the covers being pulled back and then nothing, I moved a little to create the illussion that I might awake. Ben rubbed the outside of my shorts. I'm thinking Ben has always seemed effeminate to me, I'm going to continue to play dead. My ***** not so much, I had a big erection welling up. I don't think there was enough light to see anymore than an outline in the shadow. Ben took my penis in hand as I remember he lowered my shorts first. He did some preparation having found a towel to clean up my essence. Slowly his hand traveled the lenght and then did long strokes on my fully extended member. The release was huge, I remained sound asleep as far as he knew. He cleaned up and I wondered if he was going to do it again. Eventually I went to sleep for real. Looking back I thought it was cool but a secret not shared to this day. Still I wish I could have slept with Cass cause thats the way I am wired.
Dave6813 Dave6813
66-70, M
May 13, 2012