Surprise Hand Job

It was winter 1964 in Maryland, I was dating a wonderfull Girl in my class, her name was "Casey". We had been to a movie in suburban Washington, D.C.. Leaving the Movie we found my old Volvo was covered with snow. A major snow storm had arrived, it would Snow until after Midnight. My sex life was at a point where I hoped to go beyond feeling Casey up and fingering down her pants. Tonight held some hope of more. We arrived at her house about 10:30 and her parents were happy we had made it home. It was decided by Casey's mother I should spend the night because it would be too dangerous to drive down the Hill in Kennsington. The good news was I would be sleeping in Casey's bed! The bad news that I would be in her double bed with her brother, who I didn't car for.

My plan was to pretend to be asleep and try to slip out of bed and go to see Casey in her brothers bed. So I "fell asleep" quickly with brother Ben in the double bed. Late that night Ben was moving in bed and jostled me. I continued to play possum hoping Ben would fall asleep. Soon Ben stretch with his hand under the covers brushing against my skivies. I continued to be still wondering when he was going to sleep. A little later he pulled the covers back, I'm laying on my back thinking I know where this is going. Next he is pulling down my shorts and touching me in a very friendly manner I would prefer from a women. A made motions like I was starting to wake up and he pulled back and waited until he felt sure I was asleep. Next he resumes to play where no man should, at least with me. My reaction is that I become naturally engorged as he rubs the lenth. Here he has gathered some cloth for clean up. Afterward he runs to the bathroom and returns with a warm wash cloth.

A few moments later I am asleep.
Dave6813 Dave6813
66-70, M
May 13, 2012