For My Friend

I kiss you, good morning honey.lets have some coffee , I'll be on the swing. I walk outside and sit on the swing looking at the morning sun as it shines it's light on our world.You come out, sleepy with your coffee, sit next to me nothing is said for a while.Just the quiet as the sun rises as I look at you and the shinny morning dew on the ground and trees. Its almost like you are framed by a thousand crystal shimmering in the light of the day. I look out at the lake, grab your hand and lead to the dock. I hold you neck to me as we look out over the lake, the sun is bright shines in our face I feel the warmth for it and you. I pull you to me, kiss you lightly, taste the coffee on your lips(mmm good coffee). I take your cup and set it down with mine.You look at me quizzically, I touch your shoulders,pealing your sun dress off you. you are naked now except your black panties. I touch your left cheek, kissing you on your nose as I see goose bumps on your arms. you lightly wrap your arms around me. I lower my head to your nipples, sucking and lightly biting. I need you out here, now. I will take you here. sliding my hands down your sides to your hips,I work my way down to your belly button kiss it and tease with my tongue.I nibble around the top of your panties, I can feel your heat. I think I feel a slight tremble from you, I'm not sure. I run my tongue on your pantie's edge, first the left thigh, then the right. I work my tongue under the edge and you feel it brush against your sex.I grip the lower opening on your right leg with my teeth and pull them down to your knees. looking up at you,you see my grin and know what I'm going to do. I as light as possible run my tongue up and down each of your outer lips. very hot, your heat is amazing. Place one arm around you. just above your hips so you cant get away. You are smooth there, so kinky. I look up at you and tell you its time to be a good girl and *** for me, make be happy, *** for me baby. I press my tongue between your folds, you are slick and sweet.gripping my arm around you tighter I assault your ****. sucking it and battering it with my tongue. I suck it so hard as if to give it a hickey. you are trembling standing and cuming isn't easy. you try to pull away, you hands are on my head pushing me away. I hold you even tighter with my arm, with my other I grab both of your wrists and hold them off my head. I work my tongue to your hole, dab it in and let your **** relax for a second. you are so wet, your *** has gotten on your legs....I giggle, stop for a second. I thought you didn't do that? you blush as I resume my assault on your ****. you aren't fighting me now, you have reached your point.I relax on your wrists and you quickly grab my head and pull it in to you. eat me you beg, make me ***, hiss.I slide my arm below your hips now, grasping your *** cheeks. I slide my finger between, teasing you. I touch your sopping ***** from behind getting my fingers wet I press 2 on your rose bud. making tight circles as you start to shake, gripping the back of my head. beating on your **** with my tongue I push a little more on your tight rear hole. one finger slips in a a little *** hard, gripping my hair so tight I think you are going to pull some out. I work my finger lightly in and out as I suck you as hard as I can, while batting you with my tongue as fast as I can, even my tongue is getting sore I'm working so fast. now your ****** is in full. with my other hand I push 2 fingers in your sopping ***** as you gush all over my hand. gasping you release my head as I slide my fingers out of you.looking down at me your expression appears to be "what the??? brought that on?" I pull your panties up, then bring your dress up from your feet as you steady yourself on my shoulders with your hands. When I know you wont fall, I reach down and pick up our cups.handing you one, you say well now its cold!!! as we laugh and I hold you in my arms, almost picking you up I support you wait so you can catch your breath and bearing(and stop blushing). I kiss your cheek, morning honey I'm so glad you are with me.As we walk back to the porch I whisper, did my baby girl like her naughty *** blush and wont answer....
mikeylikesit1 mikeylikesit1
36-40, M
May 21, 2012