She Takes Control

Alley had, had a long tiresome day at work, she wanted nothing more than to relax for the rest of the day. But as fate would have it, right as she pulled into her driveway

 her cell phone rang and she had to go right back to work, one of the downfalls of always being on call. Finally after another 3 hours work she was able to go home, she was 

stressed and really needed to relax now, and to relieve her stress.

When Alley arrived at her house she knew exactly what she needed. She walked around her house gathering the items she needed. Aroma therapy candles, bath beads, a radio for

 some music, a bottle of wine, and quite possibly her most important stop, at her nightstand, she pulled out her favorite “toy” from her nightstand. Alley carried all these 

things into her bathroom, she started filling up the tub with hot water and poured half a bottle of bubble bath in with it. She placed the candles all around the tub and lit

 them, then she put the bath beads into the tub, a delicious aroma started to fill the room. Turning on her stereo and putting in her favorite CD. Then turning the lights

 down low so that the room was filled more with the warm ambient light of the candles then anything else. She poured herself a glass of wine and set it down where she could

 reach it from the tub. Slowly she began to ***** for herself, watching herself in the mirror, Alley drove men crazy and she knew it , she loved her body . The tub had

 finished filling as much as she needed it to so she grabbed her last item, her toy and set it on the rim of the tub for use later. She lowered herself into the steaming hot

 water, immediately her muscles thanked her. It was so relaxing, she just placed a wash cloth behind her head and rested her head on it, letting the heat wash over her body.

 Alley reached down and took her wine in her hand and started to sip at it. After the first glass of wine she was feeling pretty loose. She just decided she’d let her hand 

start to roam a bit. Alley began by rubbing her neck, slowly massaging it, then roaming further she started to massage her bubble covered breasts. Her nipples began to harden

 she rolled them in between her thumb and index fingering. A deep primal moan of pleasure escaped from Alley’s lips “Oooohhh”.

Massaging her breasts and teasing her own nipples was slowly arousing her. She let her left hand continue playing with her nipples, moving back and forth between them but she 

let her right hand begin to slide down her stomach, her waist… she licked her lips with anticipation of the pleasure that just touching her ***** would bring let alone what

 was to come. Finally her fingers began to play with her lips and ****. A sharp intake of breath this is what she needed. Slowly she rubbed her **** bringing about more

 moaning. She needed to be filled though, she reached over and grabbed her toy sliding it beneath the surface of the water, slowly sliding it up and down her ***** lips, 

teasing herself. “OHhhhh” was what escaped her lips as she slowly penetrated herself on the toy. Sliding it in her as fat as she could the back out then in again a little 

further, soon she had the whole toy filling her, and it felt wonderful, she began to **** herself with it. Very quickly bringing herself to ******, but it wasn’t enough. 

She set her toy aside and began to play with her **** again, her eyes were closed as she began to moan loudly. So she didn’t hear the front door open, nor did she see when

 the door to the bathroom began to open. The silent footfalls didn’t capture her attention which was all concentrated on the pleasure she was giving herself, so when she 

suddenly felt lips wrapped around her nipples that where peaking out over the water, it scared her half to death. Jarod her boyfriend had let himself in and heard her moans

 and decided to surprise her. The sudden startle sent her flying over the edge of ******, she began thrashing about in pleasure and fear at the same time. She saw who it was

 and calmed down but needed a moment to catch her breath. She was still to much in shock to even speak so Jarod took the opportunity to lift her from the water and carry her,

 still soaking wet to her bed. He lay Alley down looked her in the eyes, and said “Alley, I love you!” at which point in time he knelt down and began to lick her soaked *****,

 licking her ****, gently nibbling on it, then sliding his tongue up and down her ***** lips. She was starting to come back to her senses after what had happened, and was no

 able to enjoy the attentions he was giving her, his tongue found its way back to her **** as he slowly slid a finger into her, sliding it in and out while moving it in soft 

circles inside her, she clawed at her bed as waves of pleasure built up in her till her back began to arch and she screamed in pure ecstasy. Allie’s ***** flooded Jarod’s face

 but he was only to happy to lick it clean. Jarod then crawled up Allie’s body kissing it on the way up till he reached her lips and he kissed her long and passionately she 

reached down to his pants, while their lips were locked she managed to pull his pants down to his knees and he kicked them the rest of the way off, he broke the kiss only to 

remove his shirt then he began to kiss her again with all the love in his heart, he then began to bite her neck and earlobes. Allie’s hands found Jarod’s hard **** and she 

started to stroke it, Jarod broke her grip and then he sat her up and she understood, she moved down his body and began to lick his ****. It felt wonderful. She was talented 

with her tongue and Jarod appreciated this fact often. She took all of him into her mouth and did things with her tongue he had never felt before. It wasn’t long before Jarod

 filled her mouth with his hot ***, she lovingly swallowed every drop. Jarod let her continue to suck his **** even after he came because that’s when it felt the best and it 

kept Jarod hard for what was about to come, he slowly pulled his **** form her mouth, and kissed her hard on the lips then he laid her down and positioned his **** at her 

***** lips, “I love you, Jarod” she said before he slid in, “I Love you too.” then he began to **** her ***** hard and fast completely unexpected by her after that last 

exchange of words, but that’s one of the things about him she loved so much, he kept her guessing. He pulled her legs back over her head and ****** her as hard and as deep 

as he could, she was screaming in pleasure and he began to spank her ***, which only added to her pleasure. Then he went from smacking her *** to slapping her ****. “GOD IM 

GONNA ***!” she screamed, “Don’t you dare, not until I say you can.” she loved and hated this. She was yelping with pleasure but she didn’t dare *** she held back as much as

 she could. “PLEASE LET ME ***.”, “you wanna ***” “yes please” she managed between gasps for air. “*** FOR ME” with that she screamed the loudest she had all night, and began

 thrashing about. Jarod loved the feeling of her ***** clenching on his ****, but for her sake he slowed down so she could catch her breath. Slowly now, making passionate 

love, slowly she caught her breath and then with force you wouldn’t expect from someone her size she forcibly rolled Jarod over and was now riding him, gyrating her lushes 

hips she loved being in control and to make it complete she reached in her nightstand and pulled out satin sashes that she tied Jarod’s hands to her headboard. Her knots 

where good, the harder he struggled the tighter they got. In complete control she slid his **** out of her and the just began to rub it up and down with her ***** lips, this 

drove Jarod insane, she reached back behind her and felt his balls tightening, “Now its my turn and your not allowed to ***.” Jarod didn’t bother to reply he knew she would 

“punish” him if he didn’t obey but he wasn’t as good at controlling it as she was. She kept up her sliding on his **** for another minute or so before Jarod couldn’t control 

it, he came all over his own stomach, this is exactly what she wanted of course but now it was time to punish him. “Look what you did, I can’t let that go to waste, she 

leaned down and licked all the *** off Jarod. “My ***** wanted that, now you need to apologize to it” Allie straddled his face and he began to spell out IM SORRY, I LOVE YOU 

on her **** with his tongue over and over again. Allie began to shake as another ****** over took her. Allie wasn’t quite done yet, she crawled down Jarod’s body and took his

 **** in her mouth again to get him hard one more time, she skillfully got him hard as a rock in a minute and then she positioned her wet ***** over his hard **** and slowly

 slid down his hard shaft and she freed his hands, he immediately began playing with her soft mammary and hhe took each one in his mouth playing and licking and sucking them 

skillfully, they made passionate love with each other for hours finally she screamed that she was gonna ***, he told her he was too, and they held each other tight as ****** 

shook them both and they collapsed in a sweaty mess of love and passion, still joined as one they kissed and told each other of their love for one another and drifted into a

sweet decadent sleep together.

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May 23, 2012