#  Meg was in a great mood, she had been out job hunting, and had just been hired on to a new company that was gonna give her great pay, and great benefits, she had a feeling that the job was hers partially because of how she had dressed, she was in a very nice business blouse and skirt, it hugged her curves oh so perfectly, and the blouse had shown just enough cleavage, the man interviewing her couldn’t keep his eyes off, and was practically drooling. Now Meg was driving home, she could relax for the next several days, she didn’t start till Monday and today was Wednesday so she had the rest of today and then 4 more days off to relax. 

  Meg walked into her home and immediately took off  her stilettos, they were killing her feet, as she took them off and rubbed her feet she was unaware that she was being watched, and just that simple action of rubbing her feet was causing her to arouse the man watching her, she walked into her living room, behind her the hall closet just off the front door silently opened and a man walked out, his feet didn’t make a sound as they walked up behind her. Meg was letting her hair down, and that’s when he grabbed her by the throat, she immediately tried to scream but his hand was clamped down to tightly and all that came out was a choking noise. He turned her around, she gasped as best she could when she saw his face, completely shocked by the fact he had made no effort to conceal his identity. Breathing was difficult with his hand on her throat but he wasn’t trying to kill her, he was letting her get some air and she managed to croak out his name “Jarod” . 

  He was looking into her eyes, he could feel her heart beating through her throat, it was racing at a hundred miles an hour. He threw her to the ground keeping his hand on her throat, her hand made desperate thrashing motions, he slapped her hard across the face, and she lay still, pressed against the cold tile floor. Jarod’s free hand grabbed the top of her blouse and ripped it open, the buttons flying everywhere, you could here them land and bounce. Jarod then pushed Meg’s bra over her breasts, he grabbed them and fondled them roughly. Then his hand moved down to the bottom of her skirt, he pulled it up to her waist, his fingers now ran roughly along her ***** lips through her panties. A would be whimper escaped her lips, he ripped her panties off completely. Then Meg heard it, the unzipping of his pants, she started to shake . His eyes met hers, and he just stared, and she stared back, she again managed to croak out a single word, “Please” and suddenly without warning, his **** was violently shoved into her *****, and he never stopped looking down into her eyes, he just started ******* her roughly, his hand not clamped on her throat was again roughly manhandling her ****, pulling the nipples, grabbing each breast. His **** kept ******* her hard, penetrating her ***** again and again. She tried to go somewhere else in her mind, but he saw her eyes start to glaze over with a distant look and slapped her hard again. She was here, she couldn’t go anywhere. She bit her lower lip to keep from reacting anymore, all she could feel was Jarod’s **** practically punishing her *****, his hands molesting her breasts, and his eyes, unblinking, staring into hers.  

  Suddenly he stuck his tongue in her mouth and to his surprise she sucked his tongue, suddenly she felt his *** explode from his **** and start filling her *****, and to top it off this caused her body to react, she started to ****** on his ****, her ***** spasming again and again. Then the pressure left her throat. She could breath freely, which caused her to cough. 

  His **** was still inside her, she caught her breath and looked into his eyes, she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his thighs. “mmmmm that was good Jarod, but next time bring a friend” Jarod laughed, scooped up some *** dripping from inside her ***** and let it slide off his fingers onto her face, “I’ll keep that in mind”

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May 23, 2012