An Intimate Encounter

Elizabeth was standing by her fridge just looking in it, Jarod saw her and decided he would surprise her. He walked up to her from behind quietly and wrapped his arms around her. She jumped from the surprise but she relaxed immediatley she knew those arms and leaned back into him. He inhaled the wonderful scent of her hair as she leaned into him. 
He moved her hair to one side of her neck and began to kiss her soft tender skin. a soft purring moan escaped her throat. His lips pressed against her, his beard tickling her slightly. 
One of his hand slid under her blouse and his warm hand traveled up her soft milky skin, slowly it slipped up to her bra clad breast. Slowly massaging her wonderful breasts. 
Elizabeth bit her lower lip, her hands reached behind her, pulling him closer to him. Jarod's teeth bit into her supple neck gently. 
His hand slipped under her bra and gently pinched her nipple. She moans again. His other hand unbuttoned her jeans and then slowly finger by finger he slipped his and into her panties. She turned her head and kissed him deeply.
When their kiss broke Jarod picked Elizabeth up in his arms, she nuzzled up close to him sucking and biting his neck, which she knew drove him crazy. He managed to keep his wits about him long enough to carry her to bed.
Jarod layed her down and kissed her deeply as he lay next to her, her hands grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head. They broke the kiss only for a moment, and then their tongues were dancing a slow waltz together. Jarod's hands roamed Elizabeth's body. His fingers tickling there way along her arms. Then down the side of her body. Then he too grabbed her shirt and pulled it off. 
Now he held her arms above her head, not hard but enough for her to know he was in complete control of her body, and she liked it. She gave herself over to him. Once he felt that he released her and kissed her again deeply holding her body to his. But his lips left hers down her chin, kissing her throat, to her chest. he reached her bra and easily unhooked it and slipped it off her. 
Elizabeth waited with baited breath but Jarod teased her, kissing all around her breasts, then his tongue swirled inward toward her nipple but wouldn't touch it, he did the same to her other breast and she began to squirm beneath him with desire. His hands scratched her inner thighs lightly through her jeans and at the same moment he finally sucked her sweet decadant nipple into his warm mouth. He nibbled gently. Pulling on them one at a time with his teeth, the other being rubbed and pinched by his hand. 
Slowly and almost reluctantly he moved away from her breasts kissing down her tight taut tummy, licking her naval playfully, he kissed lower toward her pelvis, undoing the zipper on her jeans and slowly pulling them down. As they slid past her feet Jarod kissed Elizabeth's toes and kissed his way back up her long shapely legs. He licked her panty clad ***** just to get her to shiver with anticipation but kept kissing up her body. She shivered all right and wanted more. 
But they were soon kissing tenderly again. Jarod placed her hands on his jeans and she understood immediatly and helped him out of his pants, she wanted a little revenge for his tease a moment ago and placed her throat right against his hard ****, and hummed low, sending vibrations through him and making him shiver in return but she too came back to the kiss. The kiss was passionate , their fingers interlocked, their legs intertwined and rubbed each other. They ground there bodies together, getting each other hotter, the only thing keeping this from a deep passionate ******* were her panties and his boxers. 
He manuevered his body atop hers, and held her tightly to the bed kissing down her body again. She wanted him so bad. He panties were soaked, and he loved that he could turn her on so much. He slipped them off and he kissed her wet *****, slowly slipping his tongue between her lips. Tasting her womanhood, he loved the way she tasted she was the only woman he had ever wanted to pleasure this way and he made sure she was rewarded well for her sensuality and passion. He Sucked her **** into his mouth and sucked had while flicking it fast then he would release it and take long slow stroke of her whole ***** with his tongue then he would flick her **** quickly with the tip before he sucked her into his mouth again. Sucking her ***** and swirling his tongue all around her **** then flicking it. She was going mad with passion at his technique. He then parted her lips and slipped a finger into her quickly finding the g-spot and rubbing it quickly and using his finger like a tiny vibrator. Her long tan legs wrapped around his head her fists grabbed the sheets and her back arched as she suddenly lost the ability to vocalize anything, her ***** spasming as she orgasmed intensly.
Elizabeth continued to spasm sporadically for 5 more minutes especially when Jarod flicked his tongue across her **** again. She slowly came down but Jarod wasn't finished. Once he decided she'd had enough time to catch her breath he began to slip his tongue inside her, swirling it inside her, this time his finger rubbed her **** slowly at first because he knew she'd still be sensitive but he started using his tongue almost like a small ****, ******* her with it, His beard added extra sensation and she soon had a smaller ****** but this time Jarod didn't let up, He suddenly started rubbing her **** and vibrating it intensly and was eating her out like there was no tomorrow, She began to have ****** on top of ****** he kept building her up and she had them back to back. 
He thought she needed a break so after her twelfth, he crawled up her body kissing her gently the whole way until they were kissing, she was hardly moving after that so he just held her and kissed her until she was ready....
To be continued
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May 23, 2012