An Ignored Wife Get's Her Dream *********

Becky had a long week at work and was ready for the weekend. As soon as she got out of work Friday she went home and began getting ready for the weekend. She walked into her home, and immediately went to the shower, pulling her blouse over her head, and turning on the hot water. As steam began to fill the room, she looked into the mirror.
She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. She let her hands down to the button of her jeans, unbuttoning them and then pushing her pants and panties to the floor, slipping her feet out from them. She stood in front of the mirror as it began to fog admiring her long shapely legs that she was proud of. She turned to the side remembering a compliment a co-worker had given her recently and looked and her supple ***. realizing that she should be proud of that too. 
She stepped into the shower, letting the woes of work be washed away. The hot water ran down her body, from her beautifully wild hair, down her kind and beautiful face, down between her soft supple breasts, along her smooth tummy, down to her amazing legs. She was inhaling the steam and was immensely relaxed.
Now it was time to have some fun, Becky thought to herself. She got out of the shower and grabbed a towel and walked into her bedroom as she wrapped it around herself. she began looking through her clothes to find something fun to wear. She decided on a cute little tank top and some shorts. She finished drying herself and got dressed. Grabbing her keys and heading out the door.
She drove to a bar downtown, and it wasn't busy yet so she ordered a pitcher and sat down. She was enjoying the beer and though it wasn't busy the few men there were definitely checking out those legs. 
About a half hour after she had arrived a co-worker of hers, Jarod, walked in. He had a friend with him. They went to the bar and each order a beer. 
Becky called to Jarod and he saw her grabbed his beer, tapping his friend on the shoulder indicating that he should follow. Becky gave Jarod a hug and he introduced his friend named Alan. 
The three of them were having a good time as the night progressed and the alcohol made each of them open up more, there were a few roaming hands, with Alan on one side and Jarod on the other, it started with Jarod rubbing her arms as he moved his chair closer to her. Then her hands began to roam his back. Alan not wanting to be left out boldly placed a hand on her thigh just above the knee and started slowly running it higher along her leg. 
Jarod turned Becky's head to him and kissed her lips. As soon as the kiss broke, she bit her lower lip in trepidation not knowing if she should let this continue, but when Alan began to gently kiss the back of her neck all worry left her. 
Whispering to each of them that they should go, they all grabbed there things and piled into Jarod's car. Becky sitting in the passenger seat and Alan behind her. He reached around the seat massaging her bare shoulders as Jarod kept one hand on the steering wheel and then other rubbing her inner thigh. 
Becky was loving the attention, and she let her legs spread a little more so Jarod knew it was what she wanted. 
They arrived at Jarod's place and he as soon as they got out of the car Becky kissed Alan letting him know that the massage was wonderful and that she wanted his hand on her more. They all quickly got inside and Becky kissed Jarod as he let his hands glide under her shirt and along she soft skin, Alan behind her again kissed the back of her neck, she reached behind her and grabbed his pants unbuttoning them from behind. 
Jarod quickly lifted her shirt over her head and Alan's hands moved to her breasts as he did. Becky turned around kissing Alan and pulling his shirt over his head leaving him there in his boxers, his hard **** evident from the large tent he was pitching. Jarod reached around her and unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down to her feet from behind. Kissing one leg on the way down and the other on the way back up. Becky turned to him and pulled his shirt off also and he led her to the couch, kissing her neck, then down to her breasts, teasing her by not touching her nipples until he had kissed every other spot of her breasts. Then he took each nipple into his mouth and sucked on them lightly biting them. He kissed lower down her body as Alan sat down beside her and began to run his hands all over her as they kissed.
Jarod began to kiss Becky's inner thigh. Again teasing her, geting close but never licking her *****. He loved to make women beg for it, he kissed down her legs slowly kissing the long supple legs that she was so fond of down to her toes, kissing and sucking each toe, before he began kissing up her other leg all the way back to teasing her *****. Jarod had Alan move and had her lay along the couch, as he began to kiss her ***** sucking her **** into his mouth and letting his skilled fingers slip inside her. First one, then slowly a second. all the while his tongue is flicking her **** hard and fast. Alan's hands caress her breasts and Becky grabs his boxers, pushes them down and pulling him toward her by his ****, she guides him into her mouth as she is having her ***** licked and two fingers inside her, Jarod using his fingers like a vibrator, vibrating his whole arm to pleasure her as the vibrations carry up his fingers. She moans on Alan's **** and she sucks him fast. Becky starts convulsing as her first ****** hits her. Jarod doesn't stop he keeps flicking her ****, and fingering her ***** fast until it after her third ****** in a row strikes her and she needs a moment to calm down. She pulls Alan out of her mouth and pulls Jarod's jeans off him in an instant and starts sucking his **** as she strokes Alan. Jarod grabs her by the hair and pulls it tight as he sighs in pleasure. Alan spanks her *** from as she strokes him. 
She can tell Jarod is getting close to exploding in her mouth and she doesn't want that yet. So she slips him from her mouth with a loud pop and then gets onto her knees in front of him, winking a naughty little wink to him as she does. Jarod slowly thrusts his Manhood into her. Pushing deeper with each stroke of his ****. He slips all the way into her and holds himself there for a moment to enjoy the wonderful feeling of being enveloped by an amazing woman. She rocks forward on her knees and they quickly fall into a fast rhythm, Matching each other, thrust for thrust. Jarod reaching around her and rubbing her ****.
Alan stand in front of her and she slides him into her warm awaiting mouth, he too grabs her hair. Jarod watches his friend getting blown and intensifies his thrusts and spanks Becky's ***. And soon he erupted inside her, filling her with his hot ***. The sudden explosion inside her sent her into another ******. Jarod Slowly softened and slipped out of her. Alan laid her on her back and took Jarod's place thrusting his **** into her as she lay along the couch she took to reviving Jarod's **** with her hand as she was having her ***** pounded by a man she had only just met. Jarod leaned down kissing her deeply. Caressing her body with his hands. His kisses moving lower kissing her neck gently biting it as then he suckled her nipples, kiss and licking them. From the attention she was getting she exploded into another ******. He ***** squeezing Alan's **** sent him over the edge. he pulled out coming all over her stomach. He kissed her, then grabbed his clothes and said he had to run apologizing for ******* and going. 
Jarod picked her up in his arms carried her to the shower and they cleaned up. Making love again in the hot steamy shower as the water cascaded down their bodies. Their passion carried into the bedroom where they spent an amazing night together. But that story is for another time.
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May 23, 2012