Our First Night Together...chapter 1

Chapter 1

We’ve been communicating online for months, sharing our desires and our secrets. Finally we decide to meet.

Anticipation rises as we arrive at the cabin. We bring our bags inside just as the first flakes of snow begin to fall. You close the door and see me on the other side of the small cabin lighting the logs in the fireplace. The wine is waiting for us on the coffee table. The corkscrew and 2 glasses are aside the bottle of zinfandel and the bottle of port. The most important decision we have to make this weekend will be which bottle to open first. The fire begins to warm the cabin and we sit down on the bearskin rug between the coffee table and the fireplace. I reach behind me to open the bottle of wine. You watch with anticipation, only half caring about the wine. I am fully conscious of this but subtly teasing you by pretending not to notice and allowing the anticipation in us to grow. I quickly uncork the bottle with practiced ease and decant the wine into both glasses allowing it to fully breathe.

While the wine is breathing, I pull you toward me and gently our lips touch, for the very first time, but only for an instant. I tease you by running my tongue gently along your lips. You open your mouth slightly in anticipation. Slowly our tongues touch and begin to dance together. As the kiss grows more passionate, I gently and tentatively explore the curves of your body with my hand. I feel you doing the same with me…lovingly caressing my entire body. I love the way your hands touch me. You instinctively know how to completely excite me with a single stroke of your hand or a tickle of your tongue. You notice my response to your touch and as our kiss breaks away I see a huge grin run across your lips.
We both reach for our glasses and toast the evening, our first, together. We walk to the window and find that the snow is now coming down full force. Having nowhere to go, other than each other’s arms, we walk back to the bear rug. I take the wine glass out of your hands, grab a couple of the throw pillows and gently push you onto one. You are now lying on the bearskin in front of the fireplace and I lay down next to you. Our kissing and touching becomes more deliberate. My lips move down from your lips to your neck and I encircle your neck with my tongue. As my hands caress your breasts through the thin fabric of your bra, I notice your nipples harden. We both know what we want. At that moment we need to feel skin on skin with nothing separating us. We sit up together in a motion so fluid that it seems as if we’d been together 100 times yet with the anticipation that can only come from two lovers exploring each other for the very first time. You are sliding my shirt off and I your top…In the struggle of doing it at the same time, our hands and shirt get tangled in each other and we cant stop laughing about it! Next I unfasten your bra allowing us the ability to feel each other, unencumbered for the very first time.

I gently push you onto your back and begin to explore your body with my mouth. Our tongues dance together again before my mouth slides down your body. As I kiss one breast in increasing circles deliberately avoiding your sensitive nipple, my hand explores the contours of your other breast. Teasing you with my tongue makes your nipples even harder than if I were actually kissing them. I go back and forth exploring both breasts with my mouth and hands but still not touching your nipples. To your surprise, I sit up for a moment and pick up my wine glass. I gently pour a little bit of wine on each breast. You laugh as the cool liquid rolls down your skin gently tickling you. I then drink the wine with my tongue, taking first one nipple, then the other into my mouth. I pour a little bit more wine on your stomach and move down your body with my mouth drinking the pool of wine out of your navel. We laugh together and with an unexpected force you sit up and push me onto my own back. You kiss my body, and as I did with you, drink your wine from my torso.
As we take our time exploring each other, you notice yourself becoming totally wet in anticipation of the lovemaking to come. I, for my part notice myself feeling increasing restricted as my hardness grows. I gently push you off of me, stand up and take you by the hand to help you up. We are facing each other and notice the sparkles in each other’s eyes that only 2 lovers can share. I move down to my knees and while kissing your stomach, in one fluid motion remove both your pants and panties. You step out of your pants; I teasingly part your lips and make only one single deep pass with my tongue before standing up.

You kiss your way down my body as you go down onto your knees. As you remove my pants and underwear, my hardness is released and you see a little bead of pre-*** forming. You begin to take the head of my hard penis into your mouth. After only a minute, I move down to my knees and join you on the bearskin rug.

Despite my incredible desire to have my hardness sliding deep inside of you, I postpone my urges and gently part your legs with my hands. I kiss my way down to your incredible wetness and enter you deeply with my tongue. As my tongue dances inside of you, I find your very hard **** and gently sucking on it and licking the most sensitive spot. My hands roam to your breasts and gently pinch your nipples. We now have a rhythm and you are thrusting toward my mouth, as you get closer to the first of many climaxes to come. You quickly reach the point of no return and I feel you bucking toward me as I bring you to an incredible first climax. I feel your body relax, and my lips slide back up to your mouth.

As you are recovering, and I am holding you in my arms, you notice the hardness of my penis between your legs. Because of the way we are positioned, you can feel the heat begging to slide deep inside. You move only slightly toward me and feel the pressure of my head pushing against your entrance almost as if it had a mind of its own. You roll onto your back, pulling me with you. Exercising every bit of self-control I have, I allow only the head to enter.
We are now passionately kissing and you thrust your hips up pulling me deeper inside. We both sigh audibly as we share the incredible feeling of our first lovemaking experience. I move as deeply inside of you as possible and just stay there, perfectly still, just savoring the incredible sensation.
Almost involuntarily our bodies begin to move as one. We are thrusting together, kissing deeply and I am caressing your breasts with my hands. The feeling is heaven! As we move slowly then fast then slowly again. You begin to feel your second ****** getting close. By this time, I am having trouble containing myself as well. Our movements become more frantic as you start to come. I no longer can hold back and my own release with you seems to go on and on and on! We lay together in an exhausted clump, kissing, and holding each other. My penis, softening, is still inside of you as the fire dies down and we doze off together.

A couple of hours later, chill begins to form in the living room waking us, as there are only a few burning embers left. You wake first and lead me by the hand to the bed….

What happens next?
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Wow! ........ where's chapter 2??? :-p xx

I've written my own version of chapter 2 from the perspective of the woman but love read YOUR chapter 2!

I'm not that good a writer :-/ xx

You never know until you try. Just write what you want to happen and imagine what it will be like. :)

Wow - what a feeling to have, I want to be her. What writing - I have to have more

Hasn't happened yet, but I'd love for it to be...Feel free write the next chapter either publicly or privately! I'll respond :)