The Alarm Call

Jennifer stepped out of the shower, and pulled the warm towel over her chilly flesh. She patted her breasts, moving down to her waist and patted her shaved mound.
She wrapped the towel around her waist and went into the closet.
She selected her red mesh bra and pulled it over her top, adjusting her breasts into the cups. Reaching down, she took a black thin top out of her drawer, and pulled it over her top and down to her navel.
Glancing down, she saw some panties and stepped into them. They were skimpy and soft, a thin g-string. She pulled them up over her pert cheeks, the thin string slipping into her smoothly shaven buttcrack.
She opted for a summer skirt, knee length and of a soft fabric. She went into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked good, her makeup was flawless and her hair pulled back. Her skin looked warm and young, her eyes bright and flashing a sexy glow.

She heard the doorbell ring twice.

“Ring Ring”

She set her phone down and moved to the hallway. She looked through the glass and saw a young man, in his early 30’s. He was smartly dressed, wearing jeans and a shirt with his back turned.
She clicked the door latch to the open position, and pulled the heavy door open.
The man turned to face her, and she noticed immediately the look in his eyes. They screamed desire and had a cold glassy stare. He smiled.
“Hello miss, is your husband home?”

“No, he’s at work at the moment”, she replied. She grew uneasy as she realized she was alone.

“Ok, I work for the burglar alarm company, and we are doing a free check of your system. Can I come in and evaluate it for you?”, he said.

He had a trusting look about him and he was neatly kept. Jennifer thought for a moment

“yes, I guess that’s ok”.

She opened the door fully and moved aside. He walked in and she pushed the door closed, locking it.

She moved to the alarm pad in the hallway, and turned to the man.
“This is the main keypad, do you want to start here?”, she asked.

“Maam, I’m not here from the alarm company, I’m sorry but I lied to you”.

He moved toward her, and she was startled and froze.

“What are you doing? Get out”.

Her voice quivered.

“No, I’m not going anywhere, I’ve seen how ******* sexy you are and how you want me. I’m going to make you want me”, he barked sternly.

“Oh my god, no, don’t touch me”, she squealed as he roughly grabbed her and pulled her towards him.

He pulled her into his chest, feeling her breasts squash against his chest. His **** swelled, the excitement uncontainable.

“Stop, get away”, she pleaded, “No, no”.

He picked her up, and moved quickly towards the bed. He threw her down onto the bed and held her flailing hands together strongly with one hand. With the other, he pulled out some tape from his pocket and quickly wrapped it around her wrists so they became immobile.

He pulled a ball gag out of his pocket and roughly pulled it around her head and attached it. The ball gag moved closer to her mouth and she tried to resist, but it slid into place.

“Mhmhm”, her voice was muffled. Her eyes pleaded for her release but nothing could plead with his cold stare.

He pulled her up so she was standing, and she was looking straight into his eyes. He looked down at her chest, her breasts moving up and down quickly as she breathed heavily. He reached to them and squeezed her breasts at the same time. He roughly grabbed one and reached his hand round and cupped her left butt cheek. He roughly massaged both, taking pleasure from her tight body.

She was motionless and just stared ahead. She was unable to move her hands which were behind her body, and she felt powerless to his lust.

He moved his hands back to her breasts and roughly lifted her top, pulling it up exposing her bra. Her nipples were erect from the cold air, and in one fluid motion he ripped her top from the top to bottom. It came apart like a sheet of paper, her breasts jutting out, perky and inviting.

She shivered, she didn’t know what to do. Her thighs tingled as she felt a bead of moisture dribble from the side of her panties and down her leg. She didn’t expect this, her ***** had become swollen and was oozing her juices out of her *****.

He turned her around so she was facing the bed, and he forcefully pushed her head down into the mattress. Her top half was on the bed now, with her legs still standing.

“Open your ******* legs”, he ordered

She slowly started parting her legs, letting out a defiant “Mhmhm”. He reached down and roughly parted them, and lifted up her skirt. Her g-string looked amazing against her pale butt, her cheeks perfectly round.

He lifted his hand and brought it down with medium intensity onto her butt cheek. He was spanking her as she lay powerless to stop him. Her cheek begun to look pink, and with each slap she felt a jolt of electricity run from her anus to her ****. She moaned, and he repeated the slap, alternating between cheeks.

She felt humiliated and powerless, “what could she do to stop him?”, she thought.

He stopped, and rubbed her pink *** cheeks. The soothing sensation felt good, and the pain subsided. It had bordered on being uncomfortable but was not really too painful. Besides, she had actually enjoyed the sensation in her ****, which made her face turn red from the shame. Right now she felt abused, like a used play doll. It was strangely arousing and she was fighting back the thoughts of desire.

The attacker now leaned forward, pushing his body into her. She felt the hard **** thrusting into her butt cheek. He stepped back and lifted Jennifer up onto her feet, turning her around. She was stood there, hair ruffled and disheveled. He tore her bra off, exposing her white breasts. She felt exposed and vulnerable, her nipples became erect as if they yearned for attention.

He gave her breast a light slap, bringing his palm down on her pink nipple. The ripple of pleasure/pain swept over her body, leading its way down to her ****. She shuddered. He repeated this on the other breast, and they soon both had a slight pink to them. He roughly grabbed them, massaging the white flesh in his palms and he tugged on her nipples.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a soft, faux leather, collar. Pushing her down onto the floor, he attached the collar around her neck and tightened it. Withdrawing a chain, he attached it to the collar. He untied her bonded hands, and Jennifer moved her wrists around, flexing them.

“If you do what I say, I won’t hurt you”, he said with a surprisingly gentle tone.
She nodded in approval.

“Crawl here”

He began to lead her around the room with her on all fours. She moved slowly, her white butt shaking to and fro.
“Look sexy, turn me on, or you’ll be punished”, the man said roughly.
She moved sexily, her hips swinging side to side. Her breasts swayed slightly as she crawled. He stopped and she moved towards him. He brought the chain up higher, lifting her head up.

“Now I want you to suck my ****. Are you going to try hard and make me feel good?”, he said

She nodded, and gave a “Mhfh” in agreement. He removed her gag, and pulled his **** out of his jeans. Thrusting it into her mouth, she slid her tongue around the head and shaft. She sucked it into her warm, moist mouth, tasting the masculine taste. He moved in and out of her mouth, using her mouth as his personal *****.

He pulled out and she licked her lips. The saliva was all over her mouth.
He walked back to the bed, and she followed submissively.

“Get on the bed”, he ordered aggressively

She stood up and lay down on her front. He pulled her hands back behind her and re-tied them with the tape. He reattached the gag and pushed the ball into her mouth. She seemed to have accepted that she was being used and she secretly was enjoying it.

When she was secured, he looked at the cabinet next to the bed. He opened a drawer and saw a variety of sex toys in there.

“You’re quite the little **** aren’t you?”

She nodded.

He saw a vibrator and picked it up. He also took the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous amount onto his fingers.

“Pull your cheeks apart you ****”, he ordered

She obliged, parting her round pale cheeks with her hands. Her shaven ******* puckered as the air hit it. She was anticipating his touch now, not sure what to expect.

He pushed is finger with the lube on it to her brown hole. He worked his way around it, spreading the lube around it’s entrance. Slipping the tip into her, he gently lubed her up. One finger was pushed into her, one knuckle then two. He withdrew and reapplied the lube.

He repeated this, filling her ******* with his finger. She felt the finger withdraw and then her ******* stretch as he pushed two fingers inside her. She felt full as her ******* stretched, but it felt good and her **** shivered. He reached down with his other hand and rubbed her swollen ****. With one hand he pleasured her ****, fingers moving left to right and up and down. He moved the two fingers in and out of her *******, all in unison.

She felt the sensations building, and her face turned pink from embarrassment. She didn’t want to like it, but she did. She could feel his fingers touch themselves, through her holes.

He stopped abruptly and withdrew his fingers from her wetness. He pulled the gag off and pushed his fingers into her mouth.

“Taste yourself, you ****”, he said
She licked her fingers and sucked on them.

He reached back and took hold of the *****. He pushed it into her ***** and withdrew it. She gasped as it filled her up, and he did this again, ******* her ***** with the *****. He took another ***** and untied her hands.
“**** your arse with this”, he ordered. She moaned a disapproving sound, to which she was met with her butt cheek getting a quick slap.
She obliged, taking hold of the slick ***** and she pushed it into her loosened *******.

He ****** her with the purple ***** in her ***** and rubbed her ****, moving into her at the same time as she entered her *******.
She was getting close to ****** and he sensed it.

He grabbed her roughly and flipped her onto her back. Entering her ******* with his ****, he slipped in with no resistance. She moaned as she was filled with his hard throbbing ****. He grabbed the vibrator and pushed it into her hands. She knew what to do, and she began furiously rubbing her **** with it.

He slapped her **** with his hand, and she moaned loudly. She repeated rubbing her **** and slapped it herself, the sensation was overwhelming. He quickly moved the ***** into her ***** as he ****** her ***, and she rubbed her ****. She felt like an abused ***** as he took pleasure from her.
She came, her body shuddering, the ripples moving throughout her body. As she was still rubbing her ****, he pulled out of her ******* and sprayed his warm *** all over her breasts and face. She felt the warm globs hit her skin, and she increased the speed at which she was playing with her ****. She came again and her body relaxed. He rubbed the *** into her breasts, scooping some up and pushing it into her mouth.

She swallowed his warm ***** and smiled.

Joe untied her and they embraced.

They both smiled and kissed each other lovingly, their first fantasy fulfilled.

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