Your Proposal Part V: Preparing For Day 2

The fire was dying when you finished pleasuring me beyond anything I had imagined. You said it was time to take my Shibari top off. You removed the ropes from around my right arm and kissed my wrist all the way around. You stretched my arm and massaged my muscles to return good feelings and then you kissed my arm all the way from my wrist to my shoulder, licking the length of my muscles, sending electrical pleasures throughout my already tingly body. Then you moved to my right leg and removed that rope with your teeth. I breathed in deeply and closed my eyes at the sheer pleasure of your teeth grazing the delicate skin on the top of my foot. You massaged my foot and found that spot. The one that made me squirm. You were driving me insane with pleasure - again! Then you took my leg and did some gentle stretching and massaging - pausing near my lips, just barely touching them, making me long for your touch once again. And I was still blindfolded. I had no idea what or where you would touch next, and I hated it. But I didn't dare take off the blindfold, as you didn't tell me to.

You moved to my left leg. Before you untied my ankle, you rubbed my leg from my ankle to my thigh, sensuously kissing every inch as you got higher on my leg. When you got to my outer lips, you came so close to kissing me. You paused as I lifted my hips to meet you, but you refused to meet me. Instead you blew a gentle breath down my body, from my belly button, to my mound. I imagined you standing there looking at me with your sly grin. I hated you for it, and I loved you for it. You had me aching for your touch again. But you continued to deny me. I was thinking you chuckled at me. And yet, I was enjoying too much to ask. You slowly removed the rope around my left ankle, never letting go of my leg. Then you stretched and massaged my leg. You kissed my foot and gently set my leg down.

I was continuing to thrust my hips longing for your touch. I heard: "Yes, little girl? Do you need something?" I replied, "Please, Sir. You are driving me crazy with pleasure. Will you touch me?" You answered: "Yes, my dear, where would you like to be touched?"

I cried, "Aww, Sir, You know I don't like to say these words out loud!" Then you said, "Have it your way." And you denied your touch. I was so frustrated, but I knew it was my fault for being shy about these things. Internally, I began to talk down to myself, and my tears started coming. I didn't feel your touch- not even on the last arm. I was wondering why you didn't continue, when I heard your words, "Why are you crying, my sub?" Which made me cry all the more. You took my blindfold off and told me to look at you. I tried to, but I kept blinking away the tears. "Answer me," You said in that voice. I did my best to gather words and said "because I'm disappointed in myself for not being able to tell you my need."

"You must learn to voice your needs," you told me. "Yes, Sir," is all I managed to get out between sniffles. You tried again, "Now, would you like a second chance?" you ask as you run a lone finger from my bottom to my ****, causing me to inhale deeply once again. "Yes, Sir," I reply.

"Ask me again." I look in your eyes and see the lust you have for me. "Please, Sir, will you touch me?" stopping to swallow as I gain what little confidence I can muster. "Where would you like me to touch you, little girl?" Summoning all my strength, I said quietly, "In my....kitty." My face flushed with embarrassment as I said it. I looked away, but you grabbed my chin and turned it toward you, causing me to look at you. "Where? I didn't hear you well." You would not let go of my chin. I tried to look away but you wouldn't let me. I said it a little louder, but not very confidently: "In .... my kitty, Sir." You took your finger and circled my outer lips and said, "If you want me to, you need to say it louder." I took a deep breath, and said. "Please, Sir, will you touch my... kitty?" But still, that wasn't acceptable. You said to me, "Where?"

"My kitty, Sir." "Say it louder." I looked at you incredulously because I am sure I said it loud enough to hear. "Louder," you said. "My kitty." "What?" By this time I was very agitated. So I put everything I had into it. "Please touch me in my kitty, Sir!" I yelled. I was so ashamed, but you quickly assuaged my negative feelings by saying, "Baby, I am so proud of you. Yes, I will. Hold on tight!" You put your fingers in me and didn't stop your speed of touch until I reached climax. As I did, all my inhibitions went with it, and my voice was as loud as it had ever been. I noticed your smile and I was so happy I made you proud. You removed the last rope and had me stand up and stretch. I still needed to have my Shibari shirt removed.

You started unraveling it, and you licked and kissed every mark the rope left. I felt very sated, though your touch was quite welcome. As you took the last coil of rope off my body, you had me stand there as you shined a flashlight on my body. You were so pleased with the markings the rope had left, that you took more photos, posing me how you liked. I was all yours to pose. After you applied lotion to my entire torso, you laid next to me and put your arm over me. We both fell asleep with smiles on our faces, looking forward to tomorrow.
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You tricked me. I've been looking for part 5. Very good story! A great sequel. I still long to have you under my thumb. Great attention to detail. The marks the rope leave are just as exciting to me as applying the rope. It's like an echo of the act. A shadow of the pleasure.

Well done. I'm proud of you. Proud to call you my friend.

Thanks! It was a work of love. That always makes it better. :)

I think you also need to make her pleasure herself in front of him. Maybe a final act of acceptance?