Drifting Off #2

Before bedtime is when I do most of my reading these days.  Either just before my daughter’s bedtime, or before my own.  With my daughter I get 20 minutes of sky pirates, wizards and putting on silly voices.  Finding a cliffhanger when she’s starting to drift.  ‘Are you still there?’ I ask her, quietly mostly, but not if it’s an exciting bit that I want to read.  And then there’s my own bedtime, laying on my belly reading a book about object-relations and schizoid disorders, in the end having to focus with one eye, alternating, they’re so sore.  Bleary and unremembered.
CrookedMan CrookedMan
1 Response May 1, 2012

me too i love stories at night it helps me sleep better infact my boyfriend used to tell me stories at night his voice was so relaxing that at the end of the story as i would drift off to sleep i would imagin in full color of the water rainbow rabit mountains gold and every little bit of the story until i fell into a deep sleep i miss this alot.