The Sppoks Series

I have read well over 200 books this year, but by far my favourite book has to go to the Spooks Apprentice by Joseph Delany (or The Last Apprentice) just because of the detail in that book and the rest of them! I have re-read this book more times than i can remember. The book is about a boy called Tom Ward, who gets apprentice to a spook in the 1700's. A spook is a man who is lefthanded, has green eyes and is the 7th son of the 7th son or to put it more simply, 7x7. But most importantly a spook is someone who deals with the dark, such as boggarts witches and monsters. Its a really good book and really exiting. But if you decide to read it for the 1st time PLEASE take my warning and DONT read it after dark eg late at night.
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Its actually called the Spooks series but i made a typing error