Beyond the pages

I am a „world“ traveler. Since my childhood that I love to travel. I have been Alice in Wonderland, played with the seven dwarfs and kissed by a prince while I was „sleeping“. Trips that I make through the pages of great books. Some trips are so exciting and wonderful that I close the book just to keep the enchantment within me and hope that euphoria will not end soon and that in the next chapter, a surprise will be a breathtaking. And most of the times, it is! 
Some days I wake up so hungry and thirsty for some authors. Just as yesterday, after commenting a story,  I was hungry to read Paulo Coelho and a thirst for Arthur Golden. Before I went to bed, I opened the bookshelf to find something to satisfy my mind. .  
Did I feel satisfied?  Yes, until I fell asleep.
Sometimes, I'm greedy and the enjoyment by such authors makes me hungrier and more thirsty.  I don’t want to do anything,  but read and read, more and more until the last page. I remember my travels through Ken Kesey‘s, Gavino Ledda’s and Sidney Sheldon’s world, nothing could stop me. Not even a beautiful event.
There are so many fascinating places to travel.  I also remember when I took a trip through the world of Sean Cronin. It was a very nice experience, a different read. I remember trying to imagine what made the author paint the pages as he did, it was interesting to find out. My curiosity increased and I wanted to know more.
When I'm enjoying reading, I travel in the letters and the journey always brings me more clarity, it  opens my horizons or when I travel to Pema Chodron that lifts my spirit many many times. Sometimes, I go into a state of enchantment. I don’t move, don’t blink and I think some movement is a word that jumped out of the book on my lap. And they do, they jump up and take me far, far away, a travel beyond the pages.
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9 Responses Apr 2, 2012

*sighs* the magic of reading... <br />
And I discovered from reading that faerie can pull your hair from the pages!!!

Very Nice , i like how we can all share the same experience in a story although we are seeing it slightly differently due to our own perceptions of what the words convey. And we can go off into this alternate universe for a time :-) and keep a little piece of it with us after reading.. Some may even shape our lives right ?? Thanks for reminding us :-)

I "travel" in the world of the phenominal. I am very interested in the meaning of this existance on Earth. By overlaying my understanding of various authors on the subject, I get a many facited sense for the subject. The clarity of understanding seems to improve with each author. It is absolutely true that you never stop learning. So put me down as one who loves to read and who loves to bring my reading into life..

On another level, "Beyond the Pages" sounds pretty much like one's eyes seeing, ears hearing, minds understanding the sc<x>riptures and turning to God for healing. (Matt. 13:15)

I love my reading, and I always wonder at folks who disparage it - especially in their children...or their choice of reading, because "it's stupid"<br />
I teach in an inner city school, in a Low Performing School, where the graduation rate is below 50%, where the Math and Science scores are some of the Lowest in the State.<br />
But, when I started showing my students how the mathematics of a Warp Drive, and the Einstein-Rosen Bridge worked, and they realized all this "Science Fiction Stuff" was...well, possible...suddenly, I discovered that some of the "low performing" students are quite capable of understanding very complex concepts.

I travel once in a while, not like you who do it regularly. Lucky you! But I am a voracious reader of poems, fictions of fantasy genre as well as thrillers. I like authors who play and paint with words. My latest, interesting fantasy novel is The Legend of Mount Zebrue. While reading a particular paragraph in this book, I had a quaking laugh and a cup of hot coffee I was holding splashed over my trousers.

Books are a very inexpensive way to travel, and you feel rested afterwards, not exhausted! They are stress relief, and mind enrichment.

You're so erudite. I love that in a woman. Small wonder you fascinate me.<br />
<br />
Also, moved beyond words by the reference, Tendereyes.

I love reading and losing myself in a good book. Fantasy, adventure, love, romance. History, Thriller. When it takes my mood I'm lost in the pages. Lol. I need more shelves for my books!!