Ode To Reading

Open the blinds to allow the sunlight in my space. I take my place on the couch. Place the pillow in my lap. Breath just breath. I grab my latest edition to my library and open the covers. I have read the first, last pages of the book, while I browsed in the store. This is my norm. To say that I'm a book worm no. I am the dreamer the believer. The woman who is still with peter pan and the lost boys. The girl who hits on the front steps waiting for scout. (to kill a mockingbird). I am the black child skipping with the Logan children on their way home from school (roll of thunder hear my cry).

I am transported to new places and never have to leave my couch. Oh boy to read.
misery22 misery22
36-40, F
May 22, 2012