Recommended Book

A few years back I read a book by Thomas B Costain called the Tontine, Ifear it is out of press now but it is a cracking read,a story starting off on the day of the battle of Waterloo and going through the lives and loves of a group all born in the same year, The central theme is their parents purchased a "ticket" with all of the money going to an investment pot,paying an income. Over the years as various accidents whittle the people down the there are less people to share the dividend.which rises for those left. A powerfull motive to bump a few off?With the final person pocketing the capital at the end. Beware a tontine is illegal

Too big for a film but a series on TV I would like to see that.

What do you think. - Danni

dannibrown dannibrown
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Jan 6, 2010