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Any one that hasn't read any of her books, should give it a try. They're a wonderful blend of si-fi (vampires) & romance!

cherspurple cherspurple
2 Responses May 17, 2008

i love the Dark Series. I have been reading the series for a year now and i quite enjoy it. I have just finished reading Dark Melody it was brilliant.Dark Legend is a great addition to the series.I havnt read them in order but i still enjoy reading them. Cant wait to get another Dark Series book,

Agreed. I was going to make a story about the Dark Series in till I saw this and decided to join because I really love Christine Feehan's novels. I've been on and off on the Dark Series for about 2yrs and although I can't get them in order I still enjoy reading them. A couple of days ago I just finished Dark Legend and can't wait to get back to the library whenever I can to get the next.