A Detailed Erotic Sex Story of My Own.

I am a very visual person and if I cannot see it with my own eyes, then I want to see it in my mind. I will search the internet for hours, trying to find some hot stories about guys jacking off or **********, 2 girls and a guy, preferably where the guy is watching the two girls suck on each others **** or suck on their clits. My husband likes it when my friend Shellie and I lay down right in front of him and take turns getting each other off. He likes to coach us and tell us what to do as he jacks off, the harder his **** gets the nastier he is. If I am sucking on her **** he will want me to show him. Then he starts asking me questions like does it taste good? Can I make it bigger? Does it turn me on when he jacks off watching us? Then he will ask if my **** needs to be sucked? Do I want to ride her face?

He loves it when I climb up on the chaiir facing the wall. I have one knee on one side face and one on the other side. My puffy smooth lips spread apart and my big swollen **** is dangling between them like a piece of fruit waiting to be plucked. He is behind me crowched down so he can see her mouth suck me in, sucking harder and harder driving me insane with pleasure. I lean forward and bend my head down as I hold each *** in my hands, so I can suck on my nipples. By now I am so turned on that I am humping her face like crazy, looking down I cant even see her mouth, all I can see is bottom part of her face engulfed by my *****. I have never had anyone eat me like she does, it is incredible. By now I can see my husband, just pounding away on his **** with both hands, wanting me to tell him how it feels, is my **** getting big, does it turn me on having him jack off while he watches her suck me off? He knws that it does and I get even more turned on hearing him say it. He will see me start to shiver and shake as I try to ride out the incredible urge to *** wanting to prolong this for as long as I can.

As he gets closer himself, he starts telling her to suck harder and harder demanding that she make me ***. OMG, I cant stand it any more and I feel the intense sensation grow stronger and stronger until I cant hold off any more, Just as I am about ready to ***, he says, let me see it, let me see how big her **** is. Shellie lets go for a second, my **** is four times its normal size. Then he yells, suck it, suck on it hard, make her *** now. Oh I *** so hard, Im humping her mouth so that my **** is pulling against the suction of her lips. After I come down from my high of the ******, its my turn to do her
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5 Responses Aug 28, 2010

Love the details in your story! I have never had the pleasure with another woman like u described, but I sure would love to!!

Love your story!!

Wow that was hot, lovely story :) quite a turn on ...........

getting harder with every word! you hubby is one lucky guy!!

Oh me too, just reading it again gets me all hot and bothered. I want to do it again.