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For some reason, the stories written by Jennifer Lorraine usually get my heart racing... Stories of cranky husbands being reduced in size and stature to the point of infancy, but sometimes still with their adult brains. What a prison! Stories of potions being given to those nasty bosses, turning them back into dribbling babies, right before your (mind's) eyes. All of them that I have ever read had the same basic theme that just drives me plain NUTZY!


I haven't seen any new ones in a decade, so I guess that well ran dry long ago... Still, they're worth re-reading when you need to get a little baby-pants excitement back into your life.



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What I like about Jennifer Lorraine is that even though there was female domination in the stories, the endings were rather soft, The Baby Game was the first story I ever read by her, though it seemed to have a more loving and nurturing side to it. I also liked The Prodigal Son and The Tale of the Wayward Daughter because it was done with medicine. It reminded me of another story, but it was a transgender/age regression story called Genetic Alterations where the main character's mother is a very prestigious doctor with a rather selfish and uncaring personalty, she was working on a project where she could regress people and alter their gender, because she had no test subjects she decides to use her son (because she doesn't like him) so she sends him to his room then stabs her own son (the main character) with a syringe, drugging him and putting him to sleep, taking him to the hospital where she puts him into some kind of radiation machine using it to test her new radiation process she had been working on to regress him and turn him into a girl, when she (he) wakes up, the mother shows the character what she did to him and then she gives the main character to a friend of hers who has like three or four daughters, I couldn't get past the first chapter because of the mom's selfish, arrogant attitude because her friend tells the character that her (his) mother considered him a pest and she willingly put him into potential danger without a care in the world. In The Prodigal Son, it is more like a mother who just wants her boy back and she truly loves and cares about him and the motive was more justified, or The Baby Game where Cathy really shows a bit of a dominating yet loving and nurturing side to her regressed husband. I like them also because their genders aren't switched without consent ether. I actually have a story where I have a character who is taken in by Snow White and she forcibly yet softly, regresses him and forces him to be her baby prince because she considers boys to be slow to mature and thinks of them as smelling bad so she finds ways of tricking them into her household, regresses them and pampers and babies them, I wanted to give a rather soft arrogance that makes her an over protective mother, it isn't very good and I wish Jennifer could write it for me instead. I seriously wouldn't mind being regressed by a women (especially if it is done with a medical machine, but no gender switching just love and innocence). Sorry for the long post.

I enjoyed them too. Her stories inspired me to write mine. SallyKA (aka SallyKAT)

I'm also a huge fan of Jennifer Loraine. I'm pretty sure she passed away years back unfortunately... I doubt we'll ever have a writer of infantilist and age-regression fiction as skilled as s/he was...

Yes, yes & yes!<br />
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You refreshed my memories! Yes, the femme domme character completely shrank and babified her hubby and then took a lover. In one version she became a lesbian couple, and they both disciplined their baby and kept him in his place. It was strong stuff and unique because it brought SM and BDSM right into the play. That's also why it was too severe for many ABs and DLs, who may mostly want comforting. Lorraine was definitely about domination ;-) Lots of spanking, forced babying, and then the special shrinking drug. Potent domination.<br />
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I'm sure I've seen a library of all her stuff, once somewhere on web a few years ago. Have come across it?

I honestly don't know who Jennifer Lorraine was... It could even be a pseudonym (sp?) for a guy writer. I thought (at one point many years ago...) that someone had mentioned more about "her", but just can't remember anymore. I do know that he stories just seem to hold some special fascination with me... And, of course, the stories stopped at some point, so, yes, maybe he/she began writing under a different name, but I've never seen the same type of stories written with that same regressive flair. <br />
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I know there are others that don't really care for that style of writing (forced regressions, shrinkage, etc.), but for me, it goes right to my inner diaper-soul as if "she's" sitting on top of pituitary gland inside my brain telling her tales...<br />
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Yes, Jennifer Lorraine's stories are famous. Have read and seen them for years. But who is/was she? That'd be interesting to know. Maybe the author went on to use another name?