Since I was a little girl frowning up, stories fascinated me more than ****.
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Your in a packed train .... Bodies all close ... You feel a hand move over your bottom ... Back it comes ... It's there but you can't feel it .... You know it's there .... It' starts to squeeze your cheek ... Your turned on and wanting more .... Hand now fully opens and is really groping around .... Finding the edge of your panties it moves under and right in ... He lifts you up a bit as he finds your pussie .... That is hot and wet ..,. Seperating your labia his two fingers find your hole .

I agree....real life events are hotter than ****...

Are you ready for a story?

Me too. The stories of Anaïs Nin, for example. Or the fantasies and experiences written down by Nancy Friday.

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I'll send you some

Sounds like you found early on the biggest and most wonderful sex organ we have, your brain.

May your sex life meet and exceed your fantasies and imagination!

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i agree! I'll take a well written erotic story any day over run of the mill ****. The imagination words create is much sexier than a closeup of someone getting rammed

Oh yesssssss

My favorite way to get off is while reading.. add me please

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