I Love Historical Romances

Historical romance is my favorite type of romance novels. I do read the occasional contemporary romance--but historical will always be my preference. Julia Quinn is my favorite author. Her books are so sweet and romantic yet humorous at the same time. I also love Judith McNaught's books--they're longer, more descriptive (but not boringly so), and I feel the characters' intense emotions as I read her books.
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I have written a historical romance novel, set in France around 1860-70. I was inspired to write it after visiting the Dordogne region on holiday around twelve years ago. Consequently, many of the places we visited are in the story - tiny hamlets, a fortified town ('bastide') on a hill overlooking the river Dordogne and its beautiful countryside. <br />
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The story details the love that develops between the young heroine and an artist who comes to convalesce at her family chateau. <br />
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I haven't approached a publisher with it though I might post a couple of chapters on EP for comment and feedback.

I agree, Julia Quinn is my favorite, I read so many Histoical Romance. What I like about Julia Quinn's books...especially the Bridgerton books, is that the women are not "diamonds of the first water", they are plain women, such as Penelope from Romancing Mr. Bridgerton.

I am the complete opposite, I prefer the contemporary romances. And typically, not always the non-harlequin ones, although their are a few of the Harlequin series that I enjoy.