There Is No Fire In Hell We Brings Our Fire In Hell.

A VERY Holly man opened his eyes after a very long meditation, look around  on his  Proselyte/admirers,who were waiting for some advice and guidelines for there problems.
He order to one of his lovers to find out fire to Ignite /light his Hubble/water pipe.
Proselyte roamed around all world but could not find any fire.
He was again ordered,visit to hell  ask hell officer to give him some fire.
Officer replied ,Ohh man we do not have any fire, every one brings his own fire from world.
So only wise man can get to this story.
basy basy
56-60, M
2 Responses Mar 6, 2012

As you said every thing in world around, so In addition I complete yours words,below::::<br />
<br />
And after this life, impact life hereafter ( other world from we came ) we get reward or punishment.<br />
We creates there haven or hell for ourselves, we are responsible, for our good deed or bad deeds, and face karma.<br />
This world is show piece of lower, sample, and we attract to them forget our soul purpose of exam or trial period,greed is pursuing us,devil or evil is after us,<br />
More wishes more pains, suffering,we think we are young and always be, but with in no time ,we comes know ohh we got old,<br />
Its all dream, eternal life is hereafter. A little inner life is feed in us, wanned us on bad things, we don,t listen to it, run to sins/evils<br />
Off course when heart is empty no God there, evil or devil occupy this heart. listen to this inner voice of God.<br />
God guide to those who seek guide, God gives us free hand here,and left us to choose good or bad.