Book Of Telekawithia

*** This story i wrote when i was in 6th grade, and i have modernized it and tweaked it to a 9th grade level. Please enjoy and comment for Part II.***

Tim was an average school-boy. He, however liked school. The reason? well my dear friends, is that he was the smartest in his class. However, things were about to change.

One day when Tim was coming home from yet another day of impressing his scholars, he opened the black slab (regular wooden door like most of you have) door to see his grandfather sitting on the couch which was diagonal to him. He was an aged man, wearing a forest green hunters jacket, with his worn out Boston Red Sox baseball cap, and his black sweats.

He chuckled at the sight of Tim as he said: "My, you've grown about 2 times since the last time i saw you!"
Tim replied hastily, as if not to disturb his grandfather. "You say that every time you see me".
With another laugh, his grandfather (we are going to call him Charles for times sake) handed him a small brown leather covered book.
Tim's mother spoke up: "What is that Charles?".
"It's a journal that has been passed throughout the Begotti family Anita". he replied, " I was going to give it to Timothy".
Tim walked slowly up to Charles as he handed him the book, his hand felt cold.
"Thanks Papa." he said as he walked up the stairs, heading to his room.

Well, as i sit here and narrate i shall tell you this tip to keep you in line with this tale, this book was no ordinary book. It held the secrecy of the Begotti history. A book, that is almost 300 years old. Dating back to the founding of our country.

Tim sat at his desk reading the book when his mother called for him.
"Yes mother?" he replied.
"Its time for dinner, and were having chicken, so please wash-up and come down."
As Timothy rushed downstairs with his book it fell out of his hands rushing down the stairs, as if in a race with Tim. At the moment he picked up his book, he saw an arrow-shaped object on the base of the stairs.
"Whats this?" Tim said with a confused expression.


As Tim picked up his arrow, he walked into his small, modern kitchen. 
"Whats that you've got there Timmy?" asked his father Paul
"Something that fell out  of the book Papa gave me".
"Well, lemme see it Tim."
his father then picked up the arrow off the table and handled it gently. 
"It seems to be an arrow-head." he said.
Tim replied "From where"
his father noticed the inscription, which said principes venator (or chief hunter)
"Hmm... i cant make out these words."
Tim then broke out his Latin/English dictionary and translated the phrase
"It means chief hunter, dad."
After dinner, Tim went on his daily routine, and went to bed, placing the arrow on his dresser-drawer. 
When he awoke, he brought the book with him to school... unbeknownst to him, was a bad idea.

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Um... i think il just stick to this group, thank you for your thought though.

Please comment for PT II it gets alot more interesting.

Great story man, can't wait for pt 2