I Love The Holy Bible

I don't have any real friends to talk to, so I am going to try to rely on it. I don't understand, why I am bald, and very obese. I am trying to figure out, how did I let so much time go by, and I am now aging. I don't like to age. I really look old and fat. I let so much time waste. My sister has a great life. I am never going to have a young girlfriend. I just want to be with some young girls, and I turn away some of my associates. It really hurt my feelings. Then I end up being alone, and that hurts even more. I just want to go out and make friends, you know. I am sick of always being a loner. I am always acting scared and shy, at my school, because of my extreme obesity, and just being fat. It is just so nasty, and I can not attract a girl. It is so upsetting, and I don't have a car either.

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Forgive me for asking but have you ever been diagnosed with Depression? :)

I just got to stick with the Holy Bible, and hope that God and Jesus for thinking that it was meant for me to stab my sister. I thought it was meant for me, because I never had a girlfriend. I always wonder my father friend son, shot his neighbors and his father. Then he took his own life, so I want to know where is he at. I know Hell is real, and by him committing murder, he have to be there right now. Whether we want to believe it or not.