Why Would Criminals Sacrifice Their Soul To Kill Other People

Don't they know, they go to hell. Why would anyone want to burn with Satan? Why, just why? Why do people hate God, when he going to give us eternal life. My dad talk trash like worry about yourself. I am like um, no. I worry about other people, just like he does. I want to know why didn't I pursue women, when I had a nice body. What made me not pursue women, and that I rather talk to myself. I am sick of my family comparing me to murderers. I get sick and tired of it. I did some bad things, but guess who going to judge me after this. GOD!!!! He is the only judger, and the Holy Bible says Thou Shall Not Kill, and how can I kill with a knife. What can a knife do? If they are so deadly, why are they allowed in the house. God will be my final judge. No man, that is going to rest in peace REGARDLESS. Everybody got to die. We all have date to die. Why do this paranoid world, think it has to be murder. No one, knows that no one dies, unless, God wants them to. People can get shot 25 times and still live, people can get stabbed 25 times, and still live. I want to know why do I get so impatient all the time. I always felt like I left something on the line.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Mar 11, 2010