.... I Grow My Own ...

Christmas tree... I grow my own Christmas trees right here in my own front and back yards. I do it because of the guilt thing, and because I grow them with love. In fact, I nurture the living heck out of them for the YEARS it takes to grow my seasonal sacrifices. I love the dear trees that add so much joyful cheer to the yard, and then their last hurrah as an expression of our joint effort. I do not do the fake tree thing:

" A Christmas tree is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer, such as pine or fir. An artificial Christmas tree is an object made to resemble such a tree,usually made from polyvinyl chloride. ( PVC )
Thank you Wikipedia.....

And then when the "giving tree" is chopped down, I thank it. I speak words that go something like this: Evergreen, precious tree, you are full of life... I am about to make the cut, and ask your permission. I will carry you into my home and honor you, adorning you with light in this season of the sun. I ask you to bless this home with your energy...
Then I throw a little birdseed around. I'll start a new tree to replace the gift tree in the spring.

I have been called a heathen, a pagan, a heretic, but I have never been called disrespectful or ungrateful.
My love to you and yours as we enter such a beautiful
season. May you experience true peace... Always, Kathie
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How lovely.

Troll, you are too dear! You are also a nucklehead!!! Keep you're tokens... I am starting to feel CHEAP, like I can be bought.... Ooooh, I think I did that once.... ?????


*Hands you not just chocolate ginger biscuits but also plain chocolate covered crystalised ginger*

It's my lucky day!!!! I will woo the stoke wid mah ginger breath!

You are just incorrigible!

Aw! You old softie!

You can NOT undo that " you have been tagged " thing by rating up this story 4 times!
It will take at LEAST four more, chocolate ginger biscuits, AND midnightstoker! Rahahaha
How's THAT for connected!

RAOFL! I can meet all your demands bar one, stoker is his own person, not just a plaything, although............................................

I need to be making ham and beans for Mamma's potluck! I haven't even started! Does MS like ham and beans? Oh HONEYBOY!!! ( I could be a cougar... Ooooh, I bet there's a group for that!)

You are a right bisom! (From the Scots! google it if you want to know what it means)

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Sweet story but why chop the tree down? We have kept a Xmas tree in tub and planted back and it has taken root fine.

That's a super-dooper idea friend ..... ;-) .... It's just that I let them grow 8 feet or so. I'm into tall and skinny trees....

Oh, I see. .. I think.

Whats wrong with short fat trees?

They do it for me!

I think it's really great that you grow them yourself, and replace the one that was needed...and that you honor them as well. And I would never call you anything, but the caring and loving individual that you are. :)

....l and you even know the " REAL " me....Bahahahaha ..... We didn't spend any time in either side yard... 4 there that I know of ....