The Best!

every so often we'd have a real tree at my mom n dad's house.  those were always the best ones.  My grandma ALWAYS has a real tree....a big fat one lol  this year it was a little on the skinny side tho lol  I was excited when i moved into my own place (after splitting w/my daughter's dad) thinking i could get a small, real tree for christmas.  Wrong.  Can't have them where i live b/c they're a fire hazard.  Makes me extremely sad :(  so i had to go out and buy a small fake one...with lights already on it, so it's not completely bad lol day i'm gonna be able to have a real tree of my own every christmas :D  i just think they're better than fake ones b/c you can smell them...i like the smell of the real pine trees :D

KinkyFlower KinkyFlower
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1 Response Feb 11, 2009

that's a good idea lol i'll have to remember that next time!