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Not The Romantic Type...

Love can include romantic things, but don't ever try to win my heart with roses or a serenade by social default.

Love is honesty, trust and sincerity. It's people caring, being open and not keeping secrets. Privacy is OK for things you don't need the whole world to know. For your partner or best confidante, love shouldn't be based on "What will they think?"...but rather "How do I help them feel worthy and how can we love equally?"

What are your thoughts?
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid 36-40 2 Responses Dec 28, 2012

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I agree.....Love is what u think what u must do to others.... its sharing...rejoice.. happiness...warmth of bonding....equally experienced with each boundaries..there is no measurement when we deeply love a person.. how much u give is important than how much u receive!!... great need to tell the world around that u love...its known to u ..your inner self...I love a person much more than he or she loves me......

Love is not a puzzle to me, it's an instinct that I can't hold back for worthy people.

Then u really care ......worthy people.....i agree tks.. its nice...