Define "Real Man"

A real Man for me is a Master of Himself..before He can Master me..


It has nothing to do with , if he cries or not...or how big his muscles are... or how he dresses....


i can sense it... when i walk into a room...i know which man at the table is a real Man...

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All men are real, with flaws and virtues. I believe that most women do not want real men at all, but ideal men.

Oh, but the ideal man would have to be real too, right?

there are no rules here about threads keeping the same theme throughout...

@shf84: I really don't think this debate applies to the topic at hand and I'm sure there are plenty more relevant places here to debate this; it's taking the original topic on avenues that were never meant to be traveled here.

Why does someone have to be superior?

Also if they are not equal who do you think is superior?

So if their not equal why do they deserve equal rights? A **** roach is not equal to a human being and it gets no rights.

<br />
Men a nd women are NOT equal ...but deserve EQUAL RIGHTS AND OPPURTUNITY.

Umm flower must dissagree...<br />
<br />
i was just stumbling videos...and saw a cctp video of a bunch of "men" trying to pick fights on the streets of london (i think it was london)...<br />
<br />
they ended up getting theire ***** kicked by a couple of crossdressers that they tried to pick on...<br />
<br />
Those crossdressers were "real men" IMHO..not the "chavs"<br />
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Flower is sorry if her point of view has insulted You.

This "real man' crap is an insult to every man on earth. Real man means you have male physiology. There is NOTHING special about being male it doesn't give you some magic ability's or some special place in the world it means nothing like your hair color.<br />
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As to your comment about mastering himself before he can master you. Surly your not suggesting that men should control women? I can think of few things more asinine than that. I would rather be dead than live like that. I want nothing less than 100% equality.

Long ago Penthouse ran a magazine quiz to see if you were a real man.<br />
<br />
The scoring ...<br />
If you took the quiz, you are not - real men don't need magazine quizes to tell them they're real men.

perhaps it is a bit quick.. i see your point...but <br />
<br />
as a sales person, i pride myself on knowing what a client wants within a few moments ..<br />
<br />
perhaps next time i walk into a room..i will give it a few more moments arkansasjoe

Right when you enter a room? Kinda sounds like judging a book by its cover to me.

It is the subtle things i guess...i am in sales..i love people. and pay very close attention to small details, nuances of people i meet. <br />
<br />
I will list some generalities here (i concede that there are always exceptions to every rule)<br />
<br />
A real Man rarely sits with His back to the door..He usualy takes the farthest corner of the room, so He can see everything.<br />
<br />
A real Man observes His enviroment. and as mentioned before, is quite aware that i (or a real woman)have walked into the room.<br />
<br />
a real Man is clean and well kept, knows how to dress. by this i dont mean He is "metro sexual" , He can be in a tshirt and jeans, but it was thought out..His hands may be dirty from working but His nails are trimmed<br />
<br />
a real Man is not affraid of His emotions and is in full control of them..this doesnt mean He doesnt just means He knows when He should ..and when to stop.<br />
<br />
there are so many more reasons...

could you explain that more thouroughly?<br />
i know what you mean about 'real man' qualities-but how do you just know? sorry if im taking this too literally-but it sounds like you have some serious sensetive perseption or...something. ild like to know more about it


I fully agree, also He knows a RealWoman (TM) when he sees one. :)