The First Experience

My first experience with a small breasted woman was quite rewarding. Istarted seeing a woman that was approximately 10 years my senior when I was 32. She was a beautiful blonde and she had a wonderful sense of humor and a great fun loving personality. She was quite a woman, she was very supportive of everything and she could carry on a conversation for hours without ever boring me. After dating for a few weeks we came home from being out and things began to get intimate. She stopped me as I started to remove her top and said she wanted to be honest with me before I saw her with her top off. She proceeded to tell me that she wore bras that were filled with an air pocket to increase her breast size in appearance. I told her that I wasn't with her for her breast size so consequently I didn't care how small they were. Upon removing her bra I was a little shocked that she basically had nipples.However, I soon found that they were amazing because as a consequence of her breasts being so small her nipples were very sensitive and playing with them realy turned her on. By licking and nibbling on them during sex she would quickly have ****** after ******. This turned out to be incredibly rewarding because watching a woman have a full blown ****** is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I have day where I wish this relationship would have never ended because I really enjoyed taking her to climax and then holding her afterward. I also really think tiny breasts are gorgeous! I have been with a couple women since that had very small breasts just for physical relationships and I will tell you I REALLY enjoyed it. For men that overlook small breasted women, you are missing the boat. These woman can be amazing and while they do not have large breasts they do have alot to offer!
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Shhh!! Keep this a secret, won't you? I've been fond of petite busted women all my life.