To say that I am a huge Reba fan would not be accurate but I have to say she's been present during most of my adult life. Not physically, I've never met her but somehow just around.

My earliest memories of Reba were when i was a teenager. We had moved to Oklahoma from back east and she was just gaining widespread popularity. I was visiting my Great grandmother and my great aunt Rhonda looked just like her! Uncanny! Her and Reba are about the same age I think. She has some fun stories of being mistaken for Reba.

I wasn't a huge fan of "Whoever's in New England" but it was on the radio a lot. When we were first married, ex and I had a cassette of Reba we would play in our little Nissan truck. He'd sing along to "Cathy's clown" and say it "Cathy is a clown" teasing me a little. Even then I liked the songs that she sang about regret. I chose my spouse at too young of an age. There's a song, not so popular but even just this moment I'm singing "One Promise Too Late". It's about when you meet someone that you connect with and would like to explore the possibilities with, but you can't because you're married or committed otherwise. Well, not proud of it but I probably spent too much time thinking about other men and what it would have been like. You shouldn't be connecting on any level too deep with someone other than the one that you married, but it's a country song and that's what those songs are all about.

Then there's the fun songs. "Fancy" was cool and I like the remake of "Night the Lights Went out in Georgia". "Little Rock" , "Is There Life Out There", "I'd Rather Ride Around with You". Have to mention "Why haven't I Heard From You". I recently belted this one out when my daughter came home late. There's so many sad one's too. I cannot remember the name of the song she wrote after her band was in a plane crash and I think they used it in a movie but I'm totally blocking it out at the moment. It made me so sad to hear it and I absolutely could not sing along without breaking down in tears. I was also struck by, "I Think His Name is John". Essentially it was about a lady who had a one night stand, got AIDS and died. Oh and then there's "The Greatest Man I Never Knew". I always find the theme of kids who don't connect with their parents truly a sad shame.

There was a time when I only listened to country music and that's when Reba was at her most popular. My only other job was at a grocery store and we sold concert tickets.I always had to be at work really early. I was the person who entered the prices in the computer and I made signs. I also had to fill in cashier and help in the service center. They sold movies and other services there and that was where the ticket sales came in. So when someone really hot came in concert, it was a mad house! All hands on deck,truly. I never paid a lot of attention but I knew when it was someone good because all the scalpers spent the night in front of the service center door, and I had to make my way around those sketchy dudes to get to work. It was kinda fun being behind the counter when it was time for sales to start and Carol, the manager of the service center, was running the show. We printed out all the tickets for the employees first and then the scalper guys got theirs. They were always so pissed off because we got the floor seats and there might be a few left for them. We were just an outlet for ticket sales so we were competing with other sales outlets at the same time. This was just as computers were starting to be used for this sort of thing so we were also competing with the people calling in on the phone. I got floor seats to see Reba, she was with Merle Haggard and I can't remember but it was either a new group "brookes and dunn" or it was "Alan Jackson" just as he was beginning to take off. Miss Reba puts on a great show. What a voice.

Some time in the late 90s I started to branch out from this kind thing. I was beginning to think I was too cool for Reba, growing up and all, listening to other stuff. I listen to all kinds of music now. It's all coming full circle as my daughter is a Reba fan (she has an eclectic collection of songs in her library.)

Most recently, Reba made a comeback in my pop culture window when I broke my hip. I literally was home bound for 6 weeks. My daughter started to watch the sitcom she starred in. It was so cheesy but I warmed up to it quickly. I found myself laughing my head off and looking forward to the next episode. It was something me and the kids would just enjoy together. We would make tongue in cheek comments and my son came up with some crazy things to say to playfully disrespect Miss Reba! My daughter and I were indignant and would defend Reba's honor. It's really a hilarious exchange. Too difficult to explain in a story. So you just have to be there to understand, but it's fun to have a family inside joke and Miss Reba has brought us many happy family discussions.

When I saw this group, I knew I had to join. I haven't exactly sought out Reba but she's sure made a lot of great music, she's talented and funny and my family has been entertained. I'm a fan.
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If we are talking about red headed country blues singers then I would choose Bonnie Raitt<br />
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