Any opinions on the Holly kit? It's by Donna Rubert. I'm reborning it and keeping it for myself as I fear soon it will be completely sold out, never to return except for every few years someone will post one for sale, they'll become antiques almost. I have the Drew by Heather Boneham (I think that's her name) but Holly is one of my dream kits. I feel I will have a closer bond with the Holly kit than with my Drew kit whom I've named Liam James. The Holly kit just seems so happy and it's more realistically sized, the Drew kit I have is painted like he's a month old but he's a preemie sized baby :/ I love him nonetheless. My Holly will have platinum blonde hair, grey eyes, very fair skin and will be a boy. I plan on ordering a belly and back plate for him.
Confusedteen36 Confusedteen36
18-21, F
Aug 16, 2014