At Her House, On Her Bed

.....I with drew my **** from her dripping ***** and pulled her up to me. I lowered my self a little to suckle her engorged breasts. I work my way up to a deep passionate kiss. She gently strokes my **** and tickles my balls as she whispers "*** for me baby". Her hands move up and down my body as I begin to jerk myself off. "Stroke that big ****, ******* *** for me honey" she begins to moan as we kiss. Faster I stroke, "Give it to me, I want all your ******* ***" I tell her "I'm about to ***" She drops to her knees, takes my whole **** in her mouth and she milks a river of *** from me right down her throat....

What happened before?
Stay tuned.
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Dec 11, 2012