I Want A Man Who Loves Giving Me Oral Sex.


I recently broke up with a boyfriend. We went out for about 7 months. I met him on an online dating site. I was not really attracted to him, well, not at all actually. When I first saw him waiting for me, I wanted to leave. He is a really Big man.
I mean his weight, lol. Anyway....we did get along great, and he treated me really good, not like some of the jerks I've been with. We went out for about a couple of months, until we decided to have sex. I was kind of worried....cause I never been with a big guy before. I am overweight too, but not like that. Anyway, I couldn't believe it.......he loves giving me oral sex, and is soooooo good at it.
I don't think i have met a man who was/is so good at this. I couldn't believe the things he was doing with his mouth, and tongue. He would suck my ****, move his tongue soooo fast.; then slow down....until I cried for more. He had this thing where he also used his chin rubbing on the bottom of my vagina at the same time. He also put his fingers inside me both my vagina, and my *** at the same time. He loved it so much........he kept going and going and going. I came, well, I actually lost count of how many times. Anyway, I broke up with him because he was getting too serious, and I wasn't. I do want a serious relationship....it just wasn't happening with him. Now, from time to time......well, I'm not ready to date just yet....so I miss this sooo much. I know there are sites that one can meet someone with this same interest; but that is scarey. So, what the hell am I to do ? I feel like calling him back, for only this.....but I know he fell in love with me, so I dont think he can only have a sexual relationship (until I find someone?)
Anyway, thats' my story. Any comments, thoughts welcome. I seem to like cybersex with this content, so welcome to my world, and group. A real man eats pink.
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It's like you're my dream girl! I love 'eating pink' (as you say) more than any other sexual thing. very hot.