My Old Friend

I stayed in touch with my best friend from high school for many years after she and I married and had children, but somehow our lives took us in different directions and we lost contact....each busy raising our own families.

A couple months ago I received an invitation to a wedding. I did not recognize the bride or grooms name. I thought the invite was missent, but my name and my husbands name were very clear on the envelope. I wondered if I was losing my mind.

The invite was from my old high school friend. Her son was getting married. What a surprise. I had not invited her to my children's weddings. Too many years had passed.

My husband and I attended the reception last week. It was amazing to see my friend, her mother, her brother and sister. My friend and I were teary eyed most of the evening as we were overcome by emotions while reminiscing about some of our adventures in high school. I felt a huge loss of years gone by but somehow it felt as though a day didn't go by between us. It is difficult to explain this feeling. Within an hour of being together my friend and I were trying on each others shoes in an effort to find out which brand was the most comfortable. We had often switched and worn each others shoes in high school and we found ourselves laughing at ourselves.

There is nothing better than reconnecting with an old friend. It is very touching.

chaus chaus
51-55, F
Aug 2, 2008